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Sexual fantasy - what’s yours?

I love rough anal with hubby, while getting hair pulled


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Coming home and finding the dishes have been done and put away.

A sleep in and then a nice brekky of scrambled eggs and avo ❤️

And decent sex with my husband. It's been a sad year in the bedroom lol

 No action for a whole year? No way
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Definetly 2 c*?cks filling me up front and back. And to watch my husband f*@! another woman while i suck her t*!*.

 So there's 5 of you in this fantasy?
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 2 seperate fantasies
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 Kudos to you babe x
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Threesom with another female and also a couple swap. Currently chatting to a female and we are also looking for a couple.

 Where are you located??
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Catching up with a friend and ending up in bed with him and nobody finding out.

 I have those too 😂
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 Oh I do this 😳😂😂
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Dildo in my Pussy, and partners in my mouth or a*s at same time

A threesome. Two co**s in me, at once

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