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body odor

help! how do i stop my armpits from smelling like cat piss?????? i wash daily and have tried different washes. i try roll-ons and sprays, but cant stand the smell when it mixes with my b.o, its worse. it gives me a headache and i feel nauseous from the smell. and im also self conscious about it although no-one has indicated that they have noticed.


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I use the rexona clinical protection, only deodorant that has ever worked for me.

 Same! I was even looking into botox for the armpits, also make sure you apply of a night time.
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Best best best deidrant for bo.. I no longer get bo!
Its from a company called black chicken.. Deodrant paste!! Google it!! You will never go back

Body odour happens when air reacts with the bacteria on your skin. Have you been sick? Are you pregnant? Hormones can throw the balance out. If there has been no changes like soap, deodorant, fabric then go get a check up.

Maybe try organic/natural deodorants? I apply my roll on after my shower at night and reapply in the morning, no smell all day.

 Maybe also look at your diet...
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Umm... just an idea but have you checked out your diet? Has it changed a lot lately? Have you been drinking enough water? I know my bo is a lot worse when i dont drink enough water and eat too many vegetables :-( obviously it doesnt deter me from eating veggies. They do say we are what we eat... might be time to look at your gut health?!

Have you tried any of the clinical protection roll ons or the crystal deodorants. I found they did help. I also wash with selsun which is antibacterial and have noticed that helps.
It's hard though I still haven't found anything that works 100%

 I agree the clinical protection ones are great, they are about $10 a stick, last a couple of months and work 100x better than normal ones
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Go see your GP and look into getting your armpits botoxed. It will stop your sweat glands producing sweat.

I have the same problem. I found finding a very soft bristled brush and scrubbing under each arm for about a minute each side helps a bit. I then use a natural deodorant like Moogoo. I find that rexona and similar brands make it heaps worse.

I used to have a sweating problem when I was younger, I don't know if you have excess sweating or not but if you do maybe see a gp and get your hormones checked

I have to use deodorant stick, otherwise I get BO. If I use sprays or roll ons, it doesn't work.