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Alcohol consumption as a parent.

I don't get parents who wait for the kids to go to bed and kick back and have a load of drinks. Or who throw parties where adults drink out back and kids all sleepover inside. I know drinking piss is seen as Aussie culture but what if a child becomes unwell, how do you comfort them while intoxicated?what if they need to go to the hospital? I don't understand how parents think it's okay to be under the influence of anything and be responsible for children. Tonight is a great example of parties where I can hear adults drinking, and can hear small children crying and everyone is dismissing over tired children because they want to get on the piss. Unacceptable really


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Lots of pursed cat bum lips and pearl clutching going on.
It's all about balance, you can call an ambulance if necessary, and as long as there is an adult who is able to care for the kids, having a few drinks on new year's eve is ok.

Agree to an extent ... my 3yo went to bed at normal time my 5 yo was allowed to stay up and watch the 8pm fireworks, we have a veiw from our balcony of all the fireworks on the coast.

Both my kids are a bit unwell... I am drinking with hubby tonight and friends are dropping in....
I’m currently laying with my eldest who is unsettled.

I drink 3/4 times a year. We use this holiday house and it just is a nice night with hubby for something we don’t normally do together. And if I’m stuck my mum lives close I can always call her on the off event I need to take my kids to hospital.

I drink but if my kids need the hospital an ambulance is only 3 minutes away. The odds are pretty low they will need hospital. My kids have had 3 hospital trips in 8 years combined. (3kids)

And by 3 /4 o clock I will be fine to drive.

Each to their own you don’t know their situation.
I personally enjoy my New Year’s Eve drink hubby and I get giddy and it’s a nice night as the unit is really nice that we stay it.
It’s a nice reset button and fun to have drunk sex once or twice a year to remind ourselves of the days we fell in love.

 Good on you mate!! Breath of refreshing honest air!! Happy New Year gorgeous mama!!!! 😊😊
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 Absolutely!! Happy new year!!
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 Totally agree here. The drunk sex is great and so nice to unwind together just enough with a few drinks and enjoy.
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You don't need to understand it or agree. You just go about living your life the way you want to and not concern yourself with the choices of others.

 If your child dies due to neglect cause you passed out you will be charged with involuntary manslaughter and drunk around a minor
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 ^That's right and it would be not your concern. You don't need to agree with people's choices. It is their choice and not yours.
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 That is disgusting. If you were aware of a situation where children were at risk and did nothing because it's not your problem, I hope there is a suitable jail term for you for standing by and letting it happen. You're the type of person who would let the Nazi's continue to take the jews and would do nothing because it isn't your problem!
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 ^ man this poster ‘child dies due to neglect cause you passed out’. You know sometimes kids have medical emergencies while they sleep, maybe you shouldn’t sleep either?
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 ^ to be clear, I didn't. That was an assumption that was made. I am stating it is not for you to agree with but to accept that your opinion to them doesn't matter and their choice should not impact on you so highly. You just do you
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 You're one of those angry outraged people aren't you? The whole world makes you angry because everyone's not exactly like you. You need practice patience and tolerance.
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So with your logic parents who don't have cars and licenses for whatever reason are unfit parents?

How do you know that all the parents at the party were drinking? We were at a party last night with our children and at least half the people weren't drinking (including me). People can and do party without alcohol.

If a kid needs to go to hospital on NYE that would be urgent and an ambulance would be called. I can understand your concern but we have people over all the kids play and sleep inside and we are outside playing board games drinking ect. I think the important thing is that the kids are and feel safe. This isn't a random house party it is close friends they have known a long time. They stay over so they aren't drinking and driving.

 I think this is a major point people are forgetting, the people that are around aren’t strangers brought into the house getting smashed or doing drugs. The kids feel safe. And you’ve done your job being a good parent there. Secondly not everyone drinks and thirdly if it’s an emergency I’m sure there would be a sober parent or person to go in an ambulance and would be able to look after their child. Highly unlikely that a medical emergency would present from nowhere. Possible! But small chance
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I had one drink last i hope that doesn't offend your sensibilities in anyway 🖕

You must have had fun if you spent new year's eve listening to what your neighbours were doing.

 My job starts at 3am, so my neighbor's rowdy parties are what im forced to listen to whether it's new year's or any other weekend or public holiday
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 Then get noise cancelling headphones.
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 I don't get parents who start work at 3am
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 I don't get parents who go to church on Sunday's and force their children to go also. That's the real child abuse
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 My hubby is a baker and gets up 3 am and leaves home 4 am and starts work 5am
Home by 12pm

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All I see is alcoholic mums trying to defend their alcoholism

 All i see is somebody trying to push their lifestyle onto others
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 no that's what alcoholic mums do.
"no I don't want a drink thanks bev"
"go on sue, one drink never killed anyone"

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 So you're paranoid too?
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 Just too stupid to bother learning the definition of alcoholic clearly. And i dont even drink
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 Exactly! What’s with the over exaggerating, calling people that have a couple of drinks every now and then (at best!) alcoholic! How rude
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 Bet half the mums defending drinking in front of their kids have also drunk driven with the kids in car too once upon a time 😂
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I’ll speak for myself and say NEVER! And never will either. Another good judgement ;)

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I totally agree! Since having kids , I have and will not throw parties where there are adults drinking, with my kids inside sleeping.

 Well look out, here's a candidate for sainthood 😂
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I agree.
Alcohol is one of the main reasons my in laws have never been allowed to babysit my kids. They are always drinking so if something were to happen to my kids when they were in their care they wouldn’t be able to care for them properly or drive if necessary. They don’t see it as a problem and that’s fine but it is to me so I don’t allow them to be alone with my kids.
I don’t drink when I am the only one with my kids and if I do drink I will only have 1-2, so I can still drive if need be. On Christmas I had a few drinks but only because there was 4 sober adults there who were more than capable of stepping in for my kids.

I had one drink last night. Usually if we are having a party I might have a few. I don't drink to get drunk though and neither do our friends and family. Everyone usually stays under the limit to drive and/or has a designated driver. Our kids stayed up till our last guests left at about 10 last night. But I have put them to bed whilst the party still continued other times. Their rooms are upstairs and we entertain downstairs. I don't see an issue really? Unless you are worried about someone hurting your child - in which case I would be wondering what kind of company you keep. My children don't get neglected just because my husband and I have had a drink. If there was some kind of an emergency I or multiple others would be able to drive or worst case we would emergency services. But anyhow, if you are worried about a child's welfare, go and check on them yourself or call the police.

There's alot of assumptions going on here. You actually don't know what was going on so shut your Mrs Mangle pie hole.

I agree. We used to have a big get together every month or so and invite all the family and friends. Often times it would carry on until about 2 in the morning. The men would be outside drinking and us women would be inside with the kids. Once it got dark out, the kids would all come inside for a movie night and we'd pile them all on mattresses and pillows in the loungeroom and retreat to the kitchen. Still just there if they need us. 9 times out of 10 it was only the men drinking. So, there were still at LEAST 15 sober adults around to tend to emergencies and tired children.

 Why do the men get to stand outside and drink and the women have to tend to the children? Lol
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 Nobody HAD to. That's just the way it worked out 🙂 the men would typically do the BBQing, and we'd be inside setting up the salads and gossiping and cooing over the little ones. There was no HAVING to, no one was forced to stay in their spots lol.
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 It's because it's what is normal, you do it that way, because that's how your parents did it. And now you are passing it on to your daughter's. Well done 🤦
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 Thanks? Not sure why you seem offended by it. But you do you honey ✌
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 Sounds like an episode is sister wives
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