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Do you tell white lies ? If yes what are the lies ?


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If someone wants to visit or do something and I don’t want to see them I make up start and finish times of a made up event. I usually say I’m busy between 10 and 3 so I don’t have time to do anything before or after.

I once bought a horse without my husband knowing .... I’m not joking.
I had one as a child so REALLY wanted one again. I bought a beautiful Appaloosa gelding and just had it agisted on another property,
I had him for 2 years and hubby never found out or had any idea 😂

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 I've seen you write this on Facebook before I'm sure.
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Telling my kids "maybe" when I know full well it will never happen.

 I think most of us do this😂. Better than listening to the whining when you say flatout "no"
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 Mine say we all know that maybe is adjusted a nice way of saying no.
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I used to always down play how much I earnt when I had a high paying job, because I didn't want to seem braggy or boastful or offend anyone

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Told hubby I bought yarn for $50 it actually cost $120

"Sorry I can't attend/have to leave early/will arrive late, I have a personal appointment" - it's not TECHNICALLY a lie. Provided I don't specify what the appointment is for or who it's with, it's true. Right now I have an appointment with my couch. Plus, most people are decent enough to not push for specifics.
"No it's okay I don't take sugar or milk with my tea anyway" - when someone can't afford those things (has happened twice so far).
"I'm good thanks" - no, I'm a train wreck but please don't enquire further.

Where we are going
My in laws use to say dad would like to go

 Yes! I use that excuse on my sister whenever she tries to palm her kids off on me if we're going camping or 4wdriving. She doesn't get they are too little and too much supervision for these things! So now I just lie about what I'm doing or change the subject
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I lie at work all the time to people in their face. They come over to ask me questions because they can not do their own work and can’t be bothered trying to figure it out for themselves so I pretend I don’t know or lead them around and around trying to help them. They think I’m so fantastic for trying so hard. I also tell people how wonderful they are (they are not) and smile and listen to their boring stories.