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Pain in lower spine - pregnancy

35 weeks pregnant and I can’t walk properly or even sit down, to get myself into bed it takes about 10 minutes with extreme pain in my lower spine.
Also have a lot of pain in my previous caesarean scar.
Has anyone had anything similar to this? What did you do?


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Yes! It was awful you poor thing. Google sciatica exercises to do while pregnant. Also my hubby found this on a website; 5mins ice pack 5 mins hot pack (wheat bag) on the middle part of your hips at the back. keep switching for 30mins strange but it worked.
Unfortunately i now suffer from RLS, and bulging disc with the sciatic pain. I hope you can get some relief!

**sex is good for RLS if you end up with that 😂

I had a lot of pain in my first pregnancy and couldn’t stand up without a pelvic brace by the end of it. I also have a friend who had to use crutches by the end of her 4th pregnancy due to back and pelvic pain.
Go and see a physio and find out if there is anything you can do to try and relieve some of the pain.
I found gentle gardening helped relieve a lot of pain. I used to crawl around the backyard and weed the lawn. Being down in all fours relieved a lot of pressure off my spine.
I can’t speak from personal experience regarding the pain from your previous Caesarian, but I know someone who has a lot of nerve pain along her scar and from time to time uses a topical patch that contains a local anaesthetic to numb her pain just so she can wear pants. Probably worth having a chat to your doctor about that pain to see if something like that would be appropriate for you.

I had pain in my tail bone from 32 weeks in my first pregnancy. I had to avoid sitting for long periods. I had some physio and acupuncture but it didn't help. It got better once I had bub, but can't remember how long. I had it again for my second pregnancy, but I don't think it was as bad. If I sit for a long time in a position that puts pressure on my tail bone it flares up, but not as bad as when I was pregnant.

I went and got some acupuncture to open up the nerves. I also had a massage as well. This was all done with a physio who specialised in pregnancy. It cost $75 all up bit the relief was instant.