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Massage standards

Is there a law what covering is on table and if needs to be changed between clients ?


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I thought this about my local parlour. The covering is a brown silk sheet and they give you a grey towel to go ontop. I have serious concerns for their hygiene policy but OMG they give the best massages ever!! I completely forget about it within 30 seconds. I just shower when i get home.

I think they only have to use paper towel to wipe cum off the table.

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 Really? At your local massage parlour?
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 Yes really. These days they don't bother wiping it off. They just use it instead of moisturiser.
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 You're foul
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My masseuse cleans the table with disinfectant right in front of me so I can see and then puts a towel on top.

It was be monitored through a health inspector. Like the ones that checkout restaurant and cafes so not really law but a regulation