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What do I do?

I have been in a sexual relationship with a man for the past 4 years. At times, I have felt he has lied to me about different things and have on occassion caught him out. Next week we are going away on holidays together for 2 weeks. Yesterday morning we have some amazing sex before I left to run some errands. When I went back to his house in the afternoon ( he didnt know I was coming back), I saw a woman walk into his house. She was dressed up with her hair done. I didnt stop and havent said anything to him. What should I do?


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She could be there for a lot of different reasons.
But some more careful checking might be in order, before you confront him.
You did not say how much commitment there is in your relationship with him (from his side). He might think it is just casual, or "friends with benefits".
What it is needs to be discussed and agreed, especially if you want it to be exclusive, or he has said it is exclusive.
Him "leading you to believe" it is exclusive, is not an agreement.
Men are very skilled at doing just that; keep you on a string while he plays the field.
You said you have "caught him out" before in lies. Were they big ones ? Was he having a relationship with another woman ? If so, that is a big red flag.
If the lies were not about anything significant, I suggest you go on the holiday as planned, and maybe sound him out about what he wants from the relationship.
Then decide what you want to do about it.

Just ask him... could be something completely innocent.
One day when I was out, our neighbors thought they'd tell my husband iv been having a "man in a white ute" over during the day when he's at work.
The "man in the white ute" was my brother, coming by to see the kids 😂

She might be a jeweller and is helping him design your engagement ring.

But seriously. Why are you having sex with a man you feel you cannot ask this question of???

In the morning? She was a hooker

 My guess too sadly
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 It was in the afternoon. I was there all morning
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 You can get a hooker 24/7
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Hmmmm..... Two things come to mind...

Straight out confront him (or tell him) you saw the woman enter his house yesterday, who is she? And what the f**k is going on?

And, you need to make a decision before you confront him about wether or not you are still going on that holiday...... You can still go alone if it all goes to shit or be prepared not to go if that is your choice.

I think you need to know the truth before you go away.

There could be an innocent explanation, but if your gut is telling you something, listen!


Ask, say something. I would have pulled in and stopped