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Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to single mums


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Thank you. We are celebrating happy Male role models day with my kids. My dad, my brother and my brother in law will get a small gift and thanks for stepping in and stepping up to the plate from my children today. X

 That's fantastic!
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I had a fantastic Father's Day. My parents had use of a shack by the sea so I took my boys there instead of sending them to my ex. He is the one having his name removed from the birth certificates. I really hope he realised what he is missing.

My mum was a single parent and I gotta say. She was a shithouse dad.

 I'm sure she tried her best
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 No. No she really didn't try at all.
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Oh come on
do u say happy mothers day yo single dads

 I do. I know lots of single dads who are sole carers and do everything for their kids. I always wish them a happy Mother's Day because they are mum and dad just like I am mum and dad.
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