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Does your partner prepare your children's school lunches? Or do you?

Do you work? Does he? How does it pan out?


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Both my kids have made their own lunches from about the age of 6-8. That is the age difference .. the eldest started at 8 and the 6 year old went along with it... all because I needed to go back to work

Wheres the option for they do it themselves? We have 2 schoolkids and 2 that go to childcare. School kids do own lunches, its not hard I buy stuff like cheese and ham slices and bag of lettuce they can make their own sandwich. Then hubby does his own and I do my own, childcare provides lunch.

I do 100%, but I'm a sahm and he works full time, so fine by me.

I do. Not because he won't, but because he forgets. He's 'not a morning person'.

He made their lunches every day for years. It’s my turn now. I make the lunches now. He always offers to help though.