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My sister in law lend me a blanket and will it be rude for me to ask her to pick it up seeing I am a busy mum of mum under 5 ?

We live 45 min apart and she has no kids
She works full time she can’t be that busy or tired to pop over for her blanket


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Yes, that's rude. Your time is no more important than hers!

 Yep. We're all busy mumma
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You really have resentment towards those who are childless don’t you. The world does not owe you a living because you have kids, let alone your childless SIL.

 She isn’t busy like us mummas
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 Being busy isn't exclusive to mothers. People without kids can be busy too.
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 People without children are also very busy
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 It seems to be this day and age. I feel like I need a few more hours some days
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Yes it is rude. You borrowed it. Stop using kids as an excuse be organised and stop being lazy

Very rude. She did a lovely thing for you so you should at least take it back to her

If you borrowed it, it is your responsibility to return it. If you borrowed a library book would you expect the librarian to come to your house to collect it once you were done reading it? It’s not fair to take advantage of family like that. Do the right thing, be courteous and drop it off to her, otherwise put it in a post bag and mail it to her!

Well you could invite her to dinner and give it to her then, or meet her for a coffee on her lunch break if her work is closer? If you want to have a nice family relationship going forward you should be looking to please both of you. Build some bridges and let go of the busy Mum competition thing - you’re family.
That said, when we borrow things it’s our responsibility to get them back to the lender.

Organise a catch up with her. I’m sure if she is working full time that she doesn’t get to see her nieces / nephews as much as what she would like too. Ask her when her next free day on the weekend is & go and see her 🙂

Depends how much she wants it back. if she needs it and has asked for it then you should make the effort to return it. Otherwise, I think it’s quite reasonable to hold on to it until it’s more convenient to give it back. surely you’ll be seeing family in the lead up to Christmas, so just return it the next time you see her.

Tell her thx for lending it to you but you won’t be able to get it back to her for a while because you’re flat out. Hopefully she will suggest she will come to get it. If not wait until you can pop around to see her

 No excuses being a mum
Why should sister in law pick up her blanket ?

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 Agree why be so lazy. Be organised and drop it off
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