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Lorna Prendergast has graduated from the University of Melbourne at the age of 90 with a Masters of Ageing The focus of her studies was music as a form of temporary relief for people affected by dementia Her message to others is that "you're never too old to dream" and now that she has graduated, she is thinking up another project to work on next

How will she pay HECS ?


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Maybe she paid for her tuition without needing hecs? Maybe she will join the hordes of graduates who never end up paying their hecs because they never earn enough? Why is this your first thought? This lady is proof that age is no barrier to anything. She should be applauded. Not criticised.

 As if she has more than $80k
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 Are you aware of her personal financial situation
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 She’s old
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That was so painful to read. Longest sentence ever.

If it was a masters degree by research, it is a no fee paying course. The research is for the university and becomes their property hence the fees being waived.