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Please ladies, ask your Husband/Partner this question

So my Husband took my nephew (adult nephew) with him to go look at some caravans. My Husband came back fine but my nephew soaking wet. My Husband said it wasn't manly to be sharing your umbrella with another bloke and my nephew agreed he was happy to get wet (because it would be unmanly of him to even contemplate sharing another man's umbrella).
Keep in mind please that my nephew is an adult. But do all men feel this way?? It seems ridiculous to me to not share an umbrella!! I mean, why let someone get wet??


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My husband has shared his umbrella with random strangers both male and female. If someone needs help he offers it. To me that is the true definition of being a man.

 he sounds lovely :)
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My husband said "umbrellas are for pussies, real blokes have enough body hair to repel the water".... but then he farted and fell back to sleep sooooo....

OP Ha ha ha!! Is your husband my husband?? Lol
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I assumed brollies were only for little old ladies. As an adult female I've never used one myself haha

Donald trump would Agree. He doesn’t share his brolly with anyone, not even his Wife.

You need to add... my husband would never carry an umbrella (dating he used to keep one in the car, for me)

If he's going to nitpick over what is and isn't "manly", at what point did he find using the umbrella manly?