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Tattoos of kids names

What did you get done if you have one?


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SIL has each of their baby foot prints and names up her side. It looks cute when she wears a bikini

 This sounds like it could look really cute or very tacky
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My daughters name is Ruby and I have a Ruby heart with her name underneath on my shoulder/chest area

I haven't got it yet but I have a design for my children and it involves roses and baby dragons.

I have my daughters first and middle names and on the second line for each I have their birth dates on my back (kinda like a list down the middle) i also have a small blue and pink butterfly on my wrist for the baby we never got the chance to meet

 Oh that's quite beautiful
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 Thankyou it really helped me to cope with the loss and it also reminds me how short life can be... its my way of acknowledging and loving
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I have my daughter with a pink crown above the first letter and my son under hers with a blue crown at the end of his name on the top of my right foot so no matter what we will walk thru life together I'm due to have my 3rd bub soon and will have her on my left foot the same. With room for one more...