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Haven't made a claim for ftb yet and my eldest is 1 and youngest being a newborn, anyone know how much I would receive and can I get back paid for my first child? One income $50,000-$60,000 a year...


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There is an awesome calculator tool on the centrelink website. You can put in all your financial details and see what you are eligible for per fortnight.

Do your tax return for last financial year and lodge the forms asap

Uh no they are not likely to back pay you. You get paid from the date of the claim, not date of birth. Also, what on earth have you been doing!?

 They back pay you ONE financial year. I know this cos I never knew I was able to get any Centrelink help (thought hubby earbt too much) turns out we got a lump sum of about 6.5k at the end of the first financial year. Sucks I didn’t do it earlier, have missed out on years of this
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 Yeah it's a financial year thing, calculated on your income.
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I think you can contact Centrelink, and lodge an 'Intention to Claim', they usually back pay from then, but I'm not sure of all the payments types that this applies to. Call Centrelink, or enquire online asap.

You need to do paperwork asap, it takes a while to process, up to 6 weeks they say but can take longer. You would need to call them regarding payment and whether they back pay you from start of claim or from birth, I don't know what that works

You missed the 12mths cut of date
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