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No sex after drinking?!

My boyfriend of 1 year hates having sex after he has had a few drinks and is tipsy. His reasoning is that alcohol dulls the sensations and therefore sex isn't as good. When I have a drink (or two) I get horny. Very frustrating!
Any thoughts?


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This guy sounds like a sooky la la Weiner. Tell him to grow a pair..

He'll need to compromise. It's not all about his sensations.

 Would you give this advice if she was the one who didn't like sex after drinking?
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 True, I didn't think of that. Probably not.
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I love having sex when my hubby has had a few... he gets this delicious smell about him and it's always so yum and passionate. Of course it's like that without a few drinks but it's a different passion

 I completely agree with this
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Dont drink together..dont let your boy drink if you drink..

I hate sex when ive had a few, I cant get aroused so its like going in dry and hurts, should I do it just coz hubby wants to? I think not, if he doesn't want to then you have to respect that. Just as he would any time you said you dont want to.
If this was reversed every body would be calling him every name under the sun saying how dare he try to make you have sex if you don't want to.Why I this different just because its a man saying no.

Some men have trouble getting and maintaining an erection after drinking. Talk to him about your needs. When hubby has "whisky dick" he can go for a really long time, which I love. However he can seem to finish so we switch to oral. or have tons of foreplay so he's ready to explode and then the sex is quicker, but I'm also already close.