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Going to court

My ex doesn’t do much with our 3 kids aged 8,10,12
They sit at his place playing video games or on iPad or watch Foxtel sport and eat take away and sweets
The kids go to bed when they want to
If you were me would you take him to court ?


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It’s people like you they waste the courts time and have our actual serious cases held up.

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A judge will laugh at you. During his time it isn’t your business and the children can do as he pleases within reason. You’ll be made out to be snarky and vexatious

 Not made out, clearly she is!
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While I appear in court on Monday morning which I have to go into a safe room and pray the judge removes the rights of my daughters father under our dvo and fcc orders as we’ve received death threats, abuse, house ransacked, DVO breaches and my husband hit with a baseball bat and it thrown at my car. My daughter who is 8 testing positive to marijuana in her dads care... plus soooo much more!!

I have real problems I’m fighting in court, why the hell would you even bother taking this bullshit to court. You need to get over yourself, you are just another selfish, manipulative, mother!! You’re what ruins our image in court and has us all brushed with the same brush.

 I wish you the best of luck, strength and love 🙏
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 Good luck!
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 Thank you I’m here now and having a internal meltdown. I’m dying inside
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They see their dad, what. Maybe once a fortnight? If he wants to spend his time having a take away and sweets and having fun with his kids don’t ruin that because you just want to be a control freak! Grow up

 That’s right 👍🏼
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Kids interaction with their father especially boys

 It’s important for children to have that. Shame some mothers are control freaks
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 Not being a control freak
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 Oh grow up. She is asking a question because she cares,, what a mature and helpful responseland the “yes you are”..what are you 5?!
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 She is being a control freak so she needs to grow up she sounds like a child
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It depends on how long he has them for. If it’s only a couple of nights a fortnight, let them have that. If not, then be an adult and a parent and go talk to him. Say you respect that what he does on his time with them is his business, as long as it causes them no harm, but you feel as though it would be better if they could have a more routined structure and some healthier choices regarding technology and food. If you take him to court you will just look vengeful and controlling. It isn’t a good look in the courts. So try to work it out first between just you two or go to mediation if you feel you or him will get heated, just so you have a neutral third party to calm the conversation. Taking the kids away from their father would be more damaging than what he is doing.

His time NOT yours!! You can't dictate what goes on in another person's house.

 You think it’s ok for dad to molest his kids or beat them up or not do anything with them
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 Parental Alienation Syndrome is sometimes invoked in family law proceedings to explain false allegations made by one parent against another; usually the mother is said to be alienating the children from the father, and the the false allegations usually refer to the sexual abuse of a child.
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 Do you know how many mothers fake molestation in the courts when every other thing in their case has failed.... That’s low. It’s also another form of parental alienation or an attempt anyway as it is always uncovered..

Here are some Australian Court Cases where Mothers made false allegations and were caught out!

[2011] FamCAFC 99

M v M (1988) 166 CLR 69

Hundreds more where that came from.

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 Big difference between a dad not taking his kids out to molesting them ... no similarities at all you can’t even compare
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I wish the dad of my kids will take them once a forth night, even if they just sit and watch tv! He has NEVER taken them over nights, sees them every 8 - 10 weeks for an hour or 2... If their dad wants to spend time with them just let him!

 Yes agreed. The kids aren’t in danger she should be happy he’s interested in them.
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Dear me, did dad get a new girlfriend and you're upset.... Anything to pick

 No girlfriend
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Go to mediation.

 Finally.. someone with a good idea.
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Wow! As the judge said to my ex and I. There is a special place in hell for parents that fight over nonsense and this lady is nonsense at its finest

Another mum creating issues 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Jesus you sound like a munipluative bitch no wonder he divorced you.

 I divorced him
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 I know she does right!!!!! Basic psychology you can tell she didn’t divorce or she wouldn’t give a shit what he was going and be so needy
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 Maybe she is worried about her kids?
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 How am I being needy ?
Kids want to do stuff with their dad

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 He’s there! He’s with them be grateful stop picking!! Or actually apply to court and tell us the outcome. I enjoy a good laugh
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Nasty Nasty Lady you are. Hope your kids dad gets custody

 He doesn’t want custody
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 Says you
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This sounds like my weekends with my kids (I am a single mumma & have them 100 percent of the time.
We ate a whole caramel slice today. No video games however we watched a couple of dvds & watched heaps of shit on you tube. Btw Captain underpants movies are more fun while wearing undies on your head. Some other movies we watched may not be seen as appropriate in an uptight parents eyes, my kids know not to swear and laugh hysterically at movies like bad mums & bad teacher.
The only time we left the house was to go find my sisters dog we are dog sitting, he can’t get out of the yard but he’s deaf as a door nail.
I brought Thai takeaway last night for tonight so we didn’t even need to leave the house for that.

Your kids are lucky to have fox sports, they get all the nrl matches! A bit envious there!

Your ex is parenting his way. If the kids are safe and happy let it be. Many families are not strict on bedtimes on weekends with kids of their age.

Absolute waste of the family courts time. Family court needs to start with meditation, I am not sure these matters would even get past that stage. What on earth would you say to a family report writer?

 Yes, someone who agrees with me. Have fun with your kids. Sounds like you guys had fun and caramel slice ... yummy
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