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Finding a long lost relative

I’m looking for suggestions on how to find someone without resorting to Facebook / social media.
I believe the person I’m trying to find lives a quiet life, has no social media, doesn’t work due to illness and isn’t associated with any community clubs.
Is there an organisation that you can think of that might help?


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I tried to find my older half sister for seven years, only knowing her first name, approximate age, her mother's first name and a general area her mother might have lived at some stage.
None of my family would give me any other details, it was a huge family secret. Not even my grandmother or father on their death beds.
I hired a private investigator and got her details in 48 hours. Cost me just under $400.

Facebook could help you find relatives who might know know where they are?

Electoral roll? Salvation Army may have a service to help locate relatives?