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Second pregnancy killing me. How do yous manage?

First time round i was 19- had just quit work to go on a holiday (couldnt get time off even know i had never taken holidays in 3yrs) and just stayed home n bummed during my pregnancy while bf worked etc. This time- 10weeks along, 4 yr old ratbag, working and stuđying (work 37.5hrs per week, study online- hardly ever as im exhausted). House to take care of, no help as hubby is injured from work. I am so god damn exhausted they should create a new word for me. I am struggling so bad, so emotional (some days i dont want the baby- even though i know i do want the baby). Feel like dropping hours or days but feel so pathetic when other women work up to 38weeks etc. How the actual fuck do you superwomen do it??? Ive legit gone from A+ mum to D. Had sandwiches for tea tonight as i couldnt be bothered.


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You wanna know how "Super Mum's" do it all? They don't! :) Just breathe! Who cares if there's dirty dishes in the sink or dirty clothes in the laundry while you go and give yourself a nap!
I do sympathise with you though, I had my first at 19, my second at 22 and lucky last at 26. With my last pregnancy, I was working fulltime while my husband was working fifo. It felt like it nearly killed me! This is why I refuse to have anymore!
But some tips for you! :) get yourself a slow cooker, if you already haven't. Use it on days when you work, and who cares if you use disposable plates every now and then! On days when you're home, get little ratbag to have a bit of "movie time" after lunch and put your feet up and rest. My youngest was 4 with my last pregnancy and she totally understood that Mummy needed rest time.
Use the dryer every now and then instead of hanging up washing!
And first and foremost! There's always tomorrow, don't push yourself too hard to do things when you're not up to it. Seriously don't stress yourself! You're not a D grade Mumma! You're still an A+, it's just going to take some adjustment! You will get your own little routine! And honestly, there is nothing wrong with having sandwiches, toast, cereal etc for dinner! I find the easiest way to keep on top of everything is by doing a little bit each day, don't try and have just set days to get everything done.
You will get there, just don't be too hard on yourself, you're adjusting to a exciting new chapter in your life, even if it doesn't feel like it right now.

 Awesome advice, I totally agree!
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Don't beat yourself up OP! Listen to your body, cut down on hours and maybe extend your study? You're still an A+ mum.

Hugs i had similar situation and bad back pain and nausea the whole way through😐. Can u get a cleaner for a few weeks? Can hubby do non-physical stuff like cook? Nothing wrong with a ham sandwich, you are growing a bubba and that makes you super mum already

Great news, in a few weeks you will notice a little more energy. Till then, injured or not, hubs can help in some ways. Chores can be left an extra day. Then crock pot is your friend. Use paper plates a couple times a week.

Maybe get a demi pair for a few months if you have a spare room. I have an Au pair as she cares for my kids while I work but a demi can help you around the house or with your child a couple of hours a day.

There is nothing wrong with a sandwich for dinner sometimes! Don't beat yourself up, you kid was fed and so were you guys. I'm also pregnant but I'm a sahm and I have a toddler and a almost four. You don't sound like your doing too bad but just remember if you need to cut down on something. There's no such thing as superwoman everyone handles things differently and to be honest sometimes my kids and I watch movies all day. Then have toasties at dinner
Chin up buttercup!

Ask friends and family to help. They love you and would be happy to take some of the strain off you.
And your hubby could always help somehow in all that is going on.