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Ladies, have you ever been friend-zoned? What did you do?


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Yes. So I went and got my hair and nails done, a new dress and some new makeup, and when I saw him at the nightclub, I passed his drooling a*s by and ended up taking his cousin home (who I was already friends with, but we'd only ever flirted lightly).
F**k you Matthew! I'm not your compensation prize.

 F**k you Matthew, jerk
You go girl x

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 When was this?? Nightclubs seem so foreign nowadays 😱
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 I feel sorry for your generation
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 This was way back in the day of 2009. I was a melodramatic teenager with a chip on her shoulder thinking everyone owed me something.
But, to be fair, Matthew was my fwb whom I wanted to take things further with. But he was holding out for someone else, who apparently friendzoned him. I was just a play thing until someone better came along.
His cousin, whom I took home that night (we didn't have sex, but we did cuddle and make out), is my now husband. So, it all worked out in the end.

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I friend zoned my husband. He should have a medal because he wormed his way out of that zone 😂😂😂

 Same...mine was very persistent
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Yes. I did nothing because a no is a no. That's life!

If a man dosnt want you, accept that, the man has got to want the woman, just as the woman has to want the man, if one or the other dont feel like that, move on.

My goodness it was a long time ago, but I didn't invite him to a party. I deliberately threw an end of year pool party with my group of friends (ok I begged my mum to throw me a party) so I could invite all our friends except him and his new girlfriend. Though in my defense, he did lead me on for a while then friend zoned me. I was in year 9.

No actually I can't say I have. I have friend zoned heaps of guys but never actually been friend zoned myself. Or, if I have, I wasn't actually interested to begin with so I didn't notice 😂

I hate this expression, whether it's about men or women. If you've got feelings for someone, so what, they don't OWE it to you to return those feelings. F that.

If they don't like you that way, they don't like you that way. Get over it & find someone who does. Don't sit around whining about being in the friendzone like it's somehow their fault.

 It's ok to acknowledge your feelings, if someone is upset because of unrequited love, if the object of their affection played games and toyed with your emotions or simply turned you down it's ok to feel sad. No one is suggesting putting a hit out on him, or scheming to ruin his life. No one has said they were unkind just how they moved on, and to be honest who hasn't had a quiet giggle when the situation becomes reversed and the jerk who broke your heart gets a taste of his own medicine.
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 Sure, if someone was deliberately flirting and pretending to like you when they weren't interested, then you'd be justified to be annoyed. But I'm talking about a situation where someone's not doing it on purpose, in fact was trying to give *very clear* signals that they're not interested, but Poor Me Mr Friendzoned wasn't listening cos he didn't want to hear it and/or was arrogant enough to think he could change her mind.
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 As I said above it's ok to feel sad, and even end the friendship. No one is suggesting that they should pressure anyone into a relationship. We all need to vent at times.
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A man would only friend zone if he doesn't think your hot


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 I liked neber better
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No I just realised this has never happened to me. I have done it to loads of guys though. If you're not interested you're not interested what can you do?

Once and it was over the phone. I said ok and I hung up. I haven't seen him since. That was about 20yrs ago

Yes, I distanced myself over a few weeks and waited for him to text me first, so I could not reply. It was my pathetic way of feeling better.

 Oh and then unfriended him on Facebook
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