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Were you pleased with the sex of your firstborn?


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Yes, as long as the baby was healthy I didn't care at all.

Yes I got a girl but my second was a boy and we are closer. She was daddy’s girl from the start.

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I was just so grateful that we both survived a very traumatic birth. Many people struggle to conceive or carry to term - does it really make a difference what the sex is? (Except those that carry a debilitating genetic disease of course)

 💜 hugs
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I was at the start but I know think it would have been easier if the sexes were in a different order 🤣 jus fly opinion tho

 *Just my opinion though
Stupid fingers and not checking before hitting submit 😜

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Yes. I have two children of the same sex and as long as they were healthy we didn’t mind at all. I actually like having two of the same.

Absolutely and I still am. It wasn’t the sex I envisioned but I have come to learn that it is exactly what I needed! I have two more now and I felt the same with them all. It is such a gift to be a parent