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Anyone gone off the pill Brenda? Side effects? been on it for ever so curious if anyone experienced any changes etc. Better or worse on the pill?


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It's not the same pill name (mine was microgynon) but possibly the same stuff.
I stopped feeling depressed. I was happy. Strangely enough, my breasts started leaking a small amount of milk.
How are you?

 Day 1 fine thanks for asking, usually when I accidentally missed my pill I'd end up with horrible headaches so hoping the stay away and once it's all out of my system I'm done with them for good haha I was curious at what other ladies had experienced because initially I went on the pill early high school years to help with hormonal skin issues, I haven't settled down or had kids yet and am now 36 so had a good innings of being on it and wondered whether changes were noticeable or not for others. I guess it's different for everyone, just being a sticky beak I guess hahah
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I asked this question recently. Unfortunately I got some nasty replies and no real help. I’ll follow this post and see if you have better luck!

I’ve been on monofeme for twenty years. Want to come off it but concerned about the changes I may go through. Great post, I hope you get more replies!