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Has anyone tried bulk bill IVF? If so, what did you think?

I'm 33 and just recently bought our first home so obviously finding out we have to do IVF is disappointing as we just don't have the money.
So I guess my question is has anyone used bulk bill IVF either primary IVF or the fertility center and how did you find them. Did you have to do a few rounds to get results?


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I live in North Brisbane and we used The Fertility Centre (first baby was conceived through the Springwood clinic, second and third babies were conceived through the Sunshine Coast Clinic - we changed clinics simply because I was working full time on the Sunshine Coast and it was easier to get to the Clinic for early morning blood tests and then go to work). You have to pay a deposit up-front, then hand over the Medicare cheque when it comes in, then pay the gap. It is a bit confusing to start with but it's much easier to come up with smaller amounts, rather than 1 big amount at the beginning. Once you have done 1 round with them, you are usually then eligible for the Medicare Safety Net, which makes subsequent cycles much cheaper.

We conceived our first baby after about 8 months of trying (I think 6 cycles all up - natural and frozen) . We had a miscarriage with our first cycle after her birth (8 months later). Our second baby was conceived after about 3 cycles (all natural). From this last round, we conceived our second baby and were able to freeze 2 embryos. We have never had any success with frozen embryos in all of the transfers we had (both babies came from fresh cycles), but we agreed before we started IVF that we would give every embryo a chance at surviving - we always wanted a large family and destroying an embryo just isn't for us. So we put one of the 2 frozen embryos back in, and we are due with Bub #3 in 4 weeks!

This is not the same experience everyone has, and I met quite a few ladies on the journey who were trying for years with no luck. The biggest difference in terms of pricing is they give you lower fertility drug doses so you hopefully don't get too many eggs maturing, like you would at Monash IVF for example. This is to keep the pain during retrieval to a minimum I think. The 'egg retrieval' is done in clinic, without anaesthetic (just gas) and it's quite uncomfortable to say the least, but I just kept thinking - how will this pain compare with childbirth? lol. The embryo transfer is just like getting a pap smear - uncomfortable but brief. It seems it doesn't matter how many eggs mature and are able to be harvested - I averaged between 4 and 6 eggs each retrieval and usually 3 or 4 fertilised to Blastocyst stage. I met one woman on retrieval day and she got 11 eggs harvested (I was SO jealous!). When we met again on transfer day, only 1 had fertilised and she was devastated. I met her again during another cycle and that 1 fertilised egg hadn't 'taken', so she was back to a new round. The nurses told me about another lady who had low retrieval / fertilisation numbers and ended up with twins from a single fertilised egg. They reminded me - it only takes one embryo to work!

I hope my story helps you in some way. Please remember though that every woman, every situation, every embryo and every pregnancy is different, and there are no guarantees. You need to go into it knowing that you could be paying a fair whack of money and leaving with nothing. My hubby and I also agreed on how many years / how much money we would pay before calling it quits. For me, I needed to know that I wasn't going to be going through the heartbreak of failed attempts for years on end if it didn't work (and for us, once we got into the rhythm of doing cycle after cycle, it was hard to say "ok, this is the last one"). Good luck with whatever you choose to do. :)

We have used both a privaye clinic and primary IVF. The cost difference is unbelievable. I would promary IVF again in a heart beat. Egg collection was done on theatre with sedation you wont remember a thing. Its the same procedure as with the provate clinics. I found primary IVF in preston vic alot more personal

 Thank you so much. I def think giving a few rounds of primary a go until we can save for private. Can I ask how many rounds you went before you fell pregnant?
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 We fell pregnant woth twins with thr private clinic we sadly lost at 23 weeks changed clinics after 2 years off to primary fell pregnant 2nd stim cycle and lost her at 15 weeks. No one for us everything that has happened has broken us. We did a total of 7 full stim cycles
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You still have to fork out some money

 Yep i totally understand that but its way cheaper than going through say Monash IVF or Melbourne IVF

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Two friends of mine went to Czech rep and Poland (Inv**ta clinics) cos of more affordable prices. They paid about EUR 2,500 for the treatment with meds.