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Do you and your SO have regular date nights?


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Im the OP of this post and i dont understand why people would say that in reality it doesnt happen and that its fake. My husband and i have regular date nights. Im not saying its every week but it is whenever we have the chance, which for us is often. We're lucky our kids are older so we can leave them for a few hours. When they have sleep overs - date night. They want to visit grandparents - date night. Its not always night time either. We'll sometimes have lunch or go for breakfast. We've been through alot over these last few years and we really value our marriage. We need to do this because lets face it, marriages aren't self regulating. They take alot of work. My post was not supposed to bring out anger or hate. It was just a question. 💜

No. Hardly ever as we have no one close by who can babysit

 I'm the same
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I think it's so important to take time out with your spouse. When hubby and i have time alone we put away our phones and talk. We talk about the kids for about 5mins and then the rest is about us or anything else we want to talk about. We hardly ever argue and i think alot of that is due to the fact that we take the time to focus purely on our marriage. Maybe its not for everyone but it works for us 💜

No date nights. No date lunches as I work all week and then he works weekends.

If once a year on our wedding anniversary counts as regular! However, we are in a pretty good place and our sex life is good, so I'm pretty happy :)

We have some traditional date nights - we will get the kids looked after and go out for dinner. Or we will sneak in a lunch date when I have the day off work (he works from home so he can take longer lunches when he wants as long as he makes up the hours that week)

Most of the time our date nights involve putting the kids to bed and watching a movie or cooking dinner together. We try to spend 2-3 nights a week doing something with just us. Focusing on just us for a few hours a week has definitely helped our relationship.

Nope, we just try to fit in as many sneaky sessions as we can. I swear kids can hear a penis enter a vagina from 50 meters away.

 Hahaha. It can be a bit tricky 💕
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Nope. Too much pressure involved with "date night" We have been married for many years so it hasn't affected our relationship.

Very rarely. We have nobody to watch our kids. Also whenever hubby is actually home we try to do family activities together.

We don't have official dates but we put the kids to bed at 8 and around 8.30 when they're asleep we cuddle on the couch and watch tv while eating snacks. About as close to dates as we're going to get for a while.

Pretty much never. Definitely not since our second was born. It doesn't bother us though.

Only now that he’s off work due to a major accident

 Hugs for you both ♥️
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What’s a SO ?

 Significant other
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