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Would you vote for Kanye West, if you were American?

I wouldn't. Hes a fuckwit.


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I would vote for him, but only if Taylor swift jumps on stage and ruins it when announced.

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SAHM Staff gold!
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He will probably get in, everyday im alive im so grateful
Not to be American.

 True story. Although scomo and the libs are heading in trump direction.
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 Suicide rrate Will up,Scomo blood on his hands
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 ^You should be ashamed of yourself. He's a man, not God. Its China who has blood on their hands.
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 God is imaginary.
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If i were American id kill myself

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Better than trump!

 No Trump Will kill, idoit boy is selling bullshit,
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Better than Biden

 Biden anint great But He Will Listen To Advice
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I am American an no, I would not. He is famous enough that he might actually gain a sizeable portion of the votes but he won’t win. If he is serious and actually does run what he will end up doing is splitting the vote. Anyone who votes for him will be taking votes away from Biden and helping Trump back into office. Of course at this point it I don’t think it matters. There are enough Americans who are still under the sway of Trump that he will win. I honestly feel that man could shoot someone in broad daylight and his supporters would be like “hell yeah, he deserved it. Why was he standing there anyway. Go Trump!” There are a million reasons why I am glad I live in Australia, Trump is definitely one of them. Our leaders are not perfect but they are no where near his level.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. They're both dicks

He’s a nutcase
Watch his rant about anti abortion

Which is the lesser of 2 evils?

 Which is less,corrupt, lying, piece of shit! Whom will Take Advice, TRUMP HATES AMERICANS
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