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What to do to do? Am i wrong?

So im really sick of this tough love shit my family is trying to pull, so i have took a step back you know people where no matter the situation you are always wrong no matter if your right its just easier to agree yoir wrong amd then they tell mw they are only helping omg piss off. Now a nearly 40 amd 60 year old women are posting stupid shit on their facebook. Im just ignoring it.. Buuuutttt..... To be honest the last 3 days have been great since cutting them off lol Although i cant shake off this feeling they are right but then other people around me tell me its me just believing they are cause its been easier the last 15 years.


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So what if a 40 year old woman uses fb?

 Yes sad people come in every age bracket
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My mum is always angry with me even tho I’m the only family member to give her any help at all. I’m always doing something wrong. Well I havnt spoken to her for 8 weeks and it’s been great. Being related doesn’t give people the right to treat you like shit. So you are not wrong for ignoring them. You deserve some peace in your life. Be happy.

 It's probably because you are the closest person to her, that she feels comfortable enough to take her anger out on you. Good on you for not tolerating it anymore.
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If it was a friend doing this to you what would you do?
They say blood is thicker than , but its not do not allow toxic people to say in your life, family or not. It may be the slap in face they need to sort out what really matters. It may not and that's ok. Cause you will know that you matter and surround yourself with people that think you matter as well.

There wasn't really a way to determine right or wrong from the story lol

 Am i wrong for just ignoring them ?
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 Sometimes you need to do what's best for you
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I think cutting them off is the best option here. It is obvious that you are never going to win so take yourself out of the game. May I suggest you get counselling. It is really helpful to be able to talk objectively about things happening in our lives and helps to make things clearer. If you are doubting yourself, go and talk to someone about it.
It sounds like people are gaslighting you. This is where someone maniupluates you into doubting your own sanity. You don't know wheather you are wrong or right. Block them all and go and see a counsellor to help you see through the maniupulation and confusion.

So some of your family disagrees with your life choices, and they give you a hard time about it? Well, of you're happy, healthy, and well cared for, that's all that matters. If they cannot accept you as you are, you don't need them in your life. Surround yourself with loving support.