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Would you stay with your partner if he said it’s me or your kids ?


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Anyone who chooses a man over their kids does not deserve to be a parent.

Actually let’s have some context here please.... if you are an older couple that helps out your kids beyond your means financially and puts your house at risk or the ability to pay for medical treatment then yes someone is justified in saying that. The op hasn’t given any context.

I would run far and fast with my children in my arms.

My friends mum fought constantly with her long term partner because her mum kept helping her out financially.
My friends a single mum of one child, rents in an expensive suburb, drives an expensive car and is always perfectly groomed... nails etc. her child goes to day care once a week so she has time for hair appointments and nails.
She was an air hostess before becoming a mum, father of the child moved back to the uk.

Her mums opinion was she will never manage to marry well if she’s living in the suburbs walking around in a Kmart gym kit with her hair in a bun (that’s her stero type single mum)
Her mum was going to buy her an apartment and her partner flipped it, leave her fend for herself, me or ‘***’
Still don’t know the outcome but I think she’ll be job hunting living in the burbs in no time. Mums partners wealth is mostly trust fund so she’ll be ‘living in poverty’
He never seemed to mind having one moocher, her mum gives more than she earns!

 Adult kids if they are still mooching need to be told to stand on their two feet. They will bleed the parent or parents dry. And in this case the parents partner as well. It will never stop. He has every right to draw a line in the sand. The mother is creating dependency in that adult child, which is unhealthy. It is a completely different situation to young children. Completely different.
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Hell no! You never put a partner over your children. It’s says a lot about the level of your partners character if they are making such an ultimatum. I would get my kids as far away from them as possible

I dont understand why someone would even ask this. The answer should be no. No matter what your kids should come first.