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What age did you start going grey and do you dye your hair?


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39, no greys on my head - but far out my eyebrows are like a crazy old man's if I don't get the beautician to sort them out lol

 Bet you have grey hair under your hair
Ask your partner to have a look

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 Nope, not yet. My hairdresser is keeping me informed! I don't colour my hair at all so it would be pretty obvious. It's just my eyebrows showing it first - it's ridiculous :)
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 same here, Im 41. my eyebrows are going a touch lighter but my hair isnt. im Italian so my hair and eyebrows are both dark. Id almost rather the hair was grey as thats easier to dye than eyebrows :/
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 I agree! It looks odd on me :) My husband''s Italian and still has a full head of black hair - I'm going to look like his mum if this keeps up lol
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33 and no greys.... hairdresser checked yesterday. I don't colour my hair either.... never dyed or had it foiled..

 You may have no greys but have obviously lost brain cells. Question was at what age did you start going grey...? Not do you have grey hair? As you have no grey hair you DO NOT NEED TO PUT YOUR TWO CENTS IN!!! No one cares.
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 Wow - someone’s ovaries are going crazy, calm down you silly old hag she’s allowed to say wether she’s started getting grey hairs or not you psycho! You need to calm down - maybe get your hormone levels checked?
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 Sounds like someone’s insanely jealous and your response just seriously triggered her 😂😂
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 I am the OP and I am quite happy to read if someone hasn't gone grey and what age. You're not the OP so don't presume I only want to hear about people who have gone grey.
To the non grey lady don't listen to her, she's just jealous. xox

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I started getting them just after 40. Almost ten years later and they are starting to grow faster than I can remove them. I've never dyed my hair and not looking forward to it.

 Oh wow! Ive been sooooo many different colours and im only 23.
Im curious, have you never wanted to experiment with different colours?

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It's genetic. So if your mum started going grey at say 25, you most likely will too

 My sister started going grey at 25yo. I'm 34 and haven't got a grey yet..... finally I got the good gene. I got all the other shit genes like PCOS, eczema, ear troubles that could cause me to go deaf, bad eyesight. My grey sister got none of them! Grrrr
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Right after the birth of my first born at 27; yes I colour every few months as it’s slow growing

33 and just noticed a few threads this year. I have light brown hair so they're not very noticeable, but I don't plan to dye it. I don't mind grey hair and don't really fear ageing.

I started getting grey when I was 27th and I'm not dying but at the beginning I used to pick them out.

35 and just found my first grey. But I’ve been blonde for years and years (naturally brown)

I started getting grey hairs at 17, been dyeing my hair off and on since then. They didn’t get really noticeable though until about 30, I’ll be 39 next month and hair dye is now a definite must.

Im still in my 20s. Can't say i have any yet but i have naturally blonde hair and dye it dark brown so i may not notice grey hairs when they first start arriving. My husband has a few grey hairs. Think he started getting them at 30.

I have a few greys. They started about late 20s? I dye my hair. You can't really notice the few I get (well I do but other ppl don't unless I point them out :p)