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Offer me a different perspective on this so I can try and understand. Private school fees.

My daughter attends our local religious school. The fees we pay are fairly high (in my mind anyway, I went to a public school though) but if you have a health care card you get a significant discount on the fees. Why? There's lots of public schools in the area so it's not like this is the only school available. I'm having trouble understanding why HCC holders get a discount when it's not a government school. Surely private education (even at its lowest rung like the religious schools) is a luxury not an essential? I'm not being bitter or petty, I just don't understand. I thought if you can't afford it, you go to public. Simple as that. Can someone explain it to me?


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Thanks ladies for your replies.
I don't have an issue with HCC holders or their children. I just didn't understand why the discount applied to a religious school. But as someone said, I now think it's to give every child the opportunity to study in a religious school. That's fine. I just wasn't sure. I'm not being a dick about it and I'm certainly not begrudging anyone the chance at a good education.
It's the local Anglican college for those who asked.

I think it is a positive, if someone with hcc can get their kids into a good school they can get into a better environment and away from bad influences. The school is trying to break the cycle. Also keep in mind if they have a hcc then they would prob still have to save to send their kids to private school even at discounted rate

 Cycle of what exactly?
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 The cycle of poverty perhaps???? Idiot
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 My comment.... The cycle of poverty, the cycle of unemployment, the cycle of limited education.
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 why would not going to a private school equal poverty? That was my point.
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 Or why would going to public school limit education? They all sit the same exams in year 12. Plenty of public school kids go to uni.
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 I am talking about personal experience here, I went to a shit public school and for most of the time I was in with a really bad group and I really suffered at school, the only reason I graduated high school was because the teachers did not care enough and gave everyone a passing grade no matter if you did any work or not. I was hugely influenced by other people and I think if I was in a different school with different attitude of people then I might have been more successful in life.
Also in the area I live (low income) I know that the kids at the local private school are learning a lot more then the kids in the public schools.
I am not saying that someone in public cant be successful but I think you will find that most people from bad upbringing, going to a bad school, hanging around with a bad crowd go down the rabbit hole.

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I see your point but I keep thinking that what if families want to send to send their children to a religious school due to their own beliefs but are unable to pay the fees. Many religious school are not there to cater for the wealthy but for those who want their children's education to support their faith and do not support the secular government schools.

 I was thinking the same thing, some religious schools, especially catholic education, don't want fees to get in the way of a child being educated in their school where the religious beliefs underpin the teaching. It's good, shows the school doesn't discriminate against those with lower incomes.
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I doubt that many people with a HCC would seek a catholic school due to the cost. However if a child was already a student and the parents fell on hard times (injury, illness, loss of job) and they were eligible for a HCC then it would be great way to try and keep their kids in the school by being able to access reduced fees.

  good point
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 I'm 6 of 6, by the time I came along my parents couldn't afford more fees but the religious environment was important to them so all of mine were waived.
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Religious schools are meant to be for people who want there kids to learn religion, thats not just people who earn high wage.

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Is it a catholic school? It's my understanding that students who are actually practising Catholics and involved with the church can usually apply to attend free.
My daughter attends a private Christian school, people with Health care cards do not get discounts and during the interview to actually get accepted parents are asked a serious of questions regarding their employment, wage, net worth and you even have to sign a statement that you have a good credit rating and permission for them to check it, although I don't know if they actually do check. Students who are affiliated with the Christian church can not attend free or even for a reduced rate.

 I think that's your school only or maybe state, I went to catholic school and have worked at several catholic schools and haven't heard that before, but every school ive heard of does offer discounts for hcc holders. Maybe diffrent in a diffrent state though.
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 That is unbelievable. Why is your net worth and credit rating relevant to a school? I wouldn't want my child to attend a school where money seemed to ne the most important factor.
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 When I was school aged a thousand years ago, my parents wanted me to attend a cannoli nachos and they asked those questions. The school didn't accept me because my parents were divorced. I think now with equal opportunity and discrimination acts, those questions are no longer allowed to be asked.
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 Catholic schools give discounts. More expensive private schools like grammar schools don't.
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 I wrote this comment, it is a seriously good school. Top notch. That's the only reason we put ourselves through it, our local public schools are horrendous unfortunately - I would much rather my kids go to public school but I just can't do it here, they're THAT bad in our area, they used to go and I had to pull them out.
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I completely understand where you are coming from when looking at fees. my parents were in this position, my mum sent me to private Catholic school but I then choose to live with dad and he couldnt afford it but had a health care card so got a discount. My parents brought me up Catholic so wanted me to go to a religious school had nothing to do with being private, if there was a public school that taught religion I probably would have been sent there. Sometimes its not the private aspect but the religious aspect why parents choose to send their children to a private school.

I know people who get significant discounts on normally very expensive private schools (ie. $35000 per year). It's up to the principal to decide how much to charge. Obviously the school has decided this as their policy.

I want to drive my children around in a brand new range rover. I can only afford a new Hyundai. Why should rich people only be able to drive luxurious cars? I am going to demand that the dealership give me the range rover for the Hyundai price!!

If I did that they would laugh and tell me to go somewhere else. Why then is it okay to do it with school? Can't afford the fees send your kids to PUBLIC school and go to church for religious education.

 Were talking about a childs education,so much different then wanting to look good in a nice car. Even hcc card holders are paying a lot of money to send kids to religious schools. It would be like you in a new range rover and them in the range rover model before.
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 It is like anything in life. Can't afford it don't buy it. Cars, houses, education whatever. Pay your own way and stop expecting handouts. My kids went to public school and they are great kids who work hard and don't expect something for nothing like parents here do.
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 And just like everything you mentioned there is ways to get discounts if you cant afford full price, like waiting until a car dealership has a sale to buy a new car. I wait until almost everything is on sale before buying that way I can afford better quality. You are still paying just not as much, as someone said there isnt many people who do this because even with a hcc it is very expensive most on hcc holders cant afford it even with the discount
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Well, I guess when you're paying all that money for your child to attend a private school you don't want or expect them to be socialising with students of a lower socio-economic status. I mean we all know the kids with hcc holding parents are the ferals who bring down the school's reputation, cause a distraction to learning in class and negatively influence your child's mind in the playground, right? You only want the best for your child.

 Wow! I hope not all parents think that way.
So I am a single parent through no fault if my own I work part time I study (for a better future) and I live a street away from the private school. I qualify for a hcc and want the best for my daughter. By your accounts im a feral based only on my income? Actually I am just smart with my money and care enough to ensure my daughter has a bright a future as possible. I really hope you do not teach your kids this drivvle you are spouting. I am assuming your a high income earner it's a shame your not smart enough to respect diversity.

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 That looks like the pride before a fall. Your negativity and discriminatory attitude is what will become your child's downfall being raised by a hypocrite.
What is the use having lots of money when no one will want anything to do with you because of your terrible attitude.

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 I read this as a sarcastic reply.... I hope im right
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 Doesn't matter what background you are from, I surely wouldn't want my children hanging around yours - because I'm sure that your disgusting judgemental attitude will be traits passed onto your own children!
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 Op of comment - sure was a sarcastic reply! I'm glad people disagreed.
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 it was obviously sarcastic but spot on, people in this topic have implied private education is 'better' and public school is poverty, unemployment etc.
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I get your pint, but why should private schools only be for thenrich

 I tried to edit and hit submit, sorry. So..... I get your point but why should private schools just be for the rich? And if the schools are ok with subsiding in those with health care cards, then why can't you be ok with it? Maybe just be glad you are doing well enough financially that you dint need a health care card.
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 Why should they be for the poor then too?
You can't have it both ways.

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 Private schools are for people who can afford them. Cant afford the fees don't send kids there. It really is that simple.
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 It's a religious school not a private school.
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 So are religious schools only for those who practice? Because a lot of people send kids to RELIGIOUS private schools and have nothing to do with church/a parish or any religion.
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I send my children to a religious school because of my beliefs. I am pleased other families from our parish can send their children to the same school without having the burden of the fees if they can not afford them. We welcome everyone we don't discriminate & only accept the wealthier!!! It's about inclusion.

The fees with a HCC at our school are still alot more than the local state schools. The uniforms at our school are twice the cost of the state schools too.

Most of the non practicing families attend for the status & don't seem to understand the whole concept of religious education!

Rather than worrying about others school fees concentrate on your own. Someone with a religious background should be more accepting and understanding one would hope.
Every child should have the opportunity to attend a religious school if they want.
If you stop low income earner families attending your school numbers will drop and so will your funding and resources.

Unless the child actually attends church regularly they shouldn't get any sort of discount. Private schools are expensive and if you can't afford it send your children to public school. It is wrong to expect other parents to pick up the slack because you don't pay the fees.

 How are other parents picking up the slack? The HCC holders still pay fees, but maybe just not as high as what you pay. Everyone deserves a go.
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 The full fee paying parents subsidise the fees of those who "can't" afford the fees. You seriously don't think the church just waives the fees out of the generosity of it's heart.
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 Ffs how many people would attend church for free schooling!!!
The money the local parish collects out weighs the $ you all pay in school fees!
The parish 'picks up the slack' not the other families that obvious don't have a clue about how a parish runs

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Some of the religious secondary schools will only accept students from religious primary schools. Some parents might choose a religious ps over a public one in order to give their kids a wider option of secondary schools. Maybe the local public school has a massive amount of bullying and independent or religious school is the only other option. There could be a number of factors involved, unless you ask a hcc parent you won't actually know their reasons.