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Didnโ€™t think motherhood was going to be like this

My 2 kids aged 10 and 12 are brats and fight over silly things
Youngest one is impatient and drives me nuts and the eldest one was the impatient one 3 years ago
Can I legally have someone Look after my kids in state care for 2 weeks ?


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I agree with everyone's suggestions of screen time.
No, it's not ideal, but if it stops you from loosing your shit do it.
I find my kids turn super bratty at this time of year. They are worn out from the school year and have just been spoilt rotten over Christmas. Just lower your standards (screen time, take away, less cleaning) and ride it out. Focus all your energy on their emotional needs and hopefully the fighting will settle down.
Hugs to you, this is such a tough time of year for us Mums.

Give them unlimited device time, make 2 lunch boxes full of snacks, drinks and let them stay in their rooms all day to give yourself a break. Idk, not good parenting but it's better than foster care haha

 If these were my kids, theyโ€™d come out crazier than ever after being infront of electors is for so long ๐Ÿ˜ซ
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 This is probably how they got that way.
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I know more kids dosent sound like the answer but I have a friend with two kids the same age as mine and when they are playing up on the holidays we swap one so the kid left has a friend. I find they are way nicer to their friend then their sibling haha! Maybe try this

Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of housework that went with it. No Matter how much crap I get rid of it just keeps appearing ๐Ÿ˜ซ

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I'm sure you could take them back to the troll factory

 No take backsieson troll offspring
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Organize for them to get out of the house every couple of days.
Friends, a movie, the park, beach, a bike ride.

 Itโ€™s tiring
I have days I want to sleep longer or watch tv

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 So let them go on an iPad in the morning. As soon as one of them wakes you up they lose them
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 It is tiring, I agree that is why they need to help you with the chores or no screen time. You need time to rest to, maybe take a nap whilst they are on their iPads?
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I'd never see my 10 year old if I let her have youtube 24/7, it's an easy age, they're so self sufficient. Sounds like you just need to seperate them for a while, tape a line across the floor.

Bet you thought motherhood was going to be fun and easy
Sucks to be you

 Piss off
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 Why are you replying to your own question?
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 ^i thought that too
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 I am genuinely worried for this poor woman. I can understand how she may feel angry and resentful, and I'm ok with the silly questions because if she won't talk about what's going on, at least she has an outlet for her anger. I wish she would start a question and just talk to us and get it all out.
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