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Grand Kids

Why do young mums assume their kids will give them grandkids
Go to mamamia about a 20 year old who wants kids soon and read the comments why some women had kids at a young age. One wrote to enjoy my grandkids. Don't assume your kids will want kids and your kids might die before you eg illness or car accident nothing to be proud of being a nanna between age 32 and 49. Some of you look old for your age


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You're reading it wrong perhaps.

I travelled young so I would be ready to settle down young if I met someone - did it mean I would no? But if I did then I did my part.

They want to be a young grandparent- is it hate tees ? No but they've done their bit to give themselves the best chance at what they want haven't they .

 **garenteed not hate tees lol
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 Agree with this.
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say you are 26 and have 3 kids many dads and if one is he still in the family ?
i would hate to have kids and no partner or multiple partners

feel sorry for the child in my sons class ....she has 5 siblings an 4 different dads and mum is 27 and 16 weeks up the duff with triplets and the dad fu***d off when he found out its triplets

 I'm single 2 dads. I prefer no partner and not walking on egg shells than a partner and always being scared. If I didn't have my first he would have killed me 6 years ago. Dad one never bothered and left when he found out I was pregnant. Dad 2 I left when I figured out I would rather be dead than live another day with him and wait for the day he snapped and did kill me. Won't be having anymore. Not getting into another relationship ever again either.

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I was 20 when i had my daughter. She's 10 now and i hope to god she waits til shes 28-30 to start her family

i am 35 and have a 20 year old daughter and she has a 3 year old and 18mth old and another one on the way any day and 3 dads ...end of the day they are my grandkids and centrelink is there to help my daughter and she wants 4 more kids before she turns 28

 i had 6 by the time is 25 and they dont want kids
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My mum was 21 when she had me. She waited another 40 years for grandkids, I was an older mummy. So yep, being a young mum does not at all guarantee being a young grandma. And I think that is the point, no guarantees!

 Yes, but it's better she's a Nanna in her 60's than in her 80's like she would've been if you both hadve waited until 40's for kids
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 Of course. But she isnt a young grandmother like one in her 40s which I think what the OP meant. Thankfully though she's fit and healthy and still young enough to enjoy her grandkids.
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 And..... If my kids wait as long as I did I will be a grandmother in my 80s! That's just how it goes I guess. They may decide to not have kids at all.
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my mum had me when she was 15 and i had a baby at 17 and she had a baby at 19