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Christmas and birthday presents

Would you stop putting effort if the other person didn’t put effort into your presents ?


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Yes I’d still make the effort because to me gift giving isn’t about what you might or might not get in return.

 Cost doesn't reflect effort either. Sometimes it is still a thoughtless or inappropriate gift when it is expensive.
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 I bought my sister sterling silver earrings $9.95 for Xmas from $29.95
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 I didn’t say I buy expensive presents. I said I make an effort. Do you know what that means? It’s thinking about the person you’re giving the gift to, not necessarily spending lots of money. You think I’m a Stepford wife? 😂 I think you’re jealous.
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Short answer yes. If your care factor is zero so is mine.

 ^^love this
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 It's pretty much my lifes motto 😆
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My sister gives me gifts she’s hoarded for 3 years from others

 My cousin does the same thing. Told me she doesn't like a particular scent & what do you know everything i ever got from her was that exact scent. Probably been sitting in the cupboard for 3years.
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Yes. My husbands family are all buying for the
Selves this year 🙄

Yep I've done this for my husbands brother and his wife. Every year I get a shit $5 item from aldi so this year they get coffee cups. There were on sale for $1.99. I can't be bothered putting in the effort if they can't. F**k em

 I love coffee cups
So far have 20

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 Haha. I'm hoping they'll get the hint this year and realize what goes around comes around
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 They might be really relieved that you've finally caught on - maybe they are anti-consumer, maybe they are sick of all the stuff in their house and sick of buying landfill for people, maybe they are sick of being expected to buy grown adults in the extended family over-the-top gifts? Maybe money is tight or they have other priorities?
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 ^No. They're just assholes
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Not even slightly. I buy for my kids, my parents, my in laws, my sister, my hubby and my best friend. They are the only ones that buy for me. I have 3 other brothers and 4 other sister's and I don't buy for any of them because every year I would spend hundreds and get "oh, thanks." None of them have kids so I don't have to worry about nieces and nephews. And hubby only has the 1 sister and he buys for her because she buys us a joint present every year so I just leave it up to him.

 Good on you
Buy them $1 novelty pen from Kmart

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