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My slow cooker just isn't working properly

I get a funny taste in the food. Is it just the one I have or are they all like that? I want to love the slow cooker but my meals cooked on the stove/oven are so much tastier.


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Our slow cooker was making a funny smell and all the food used to taste the same coming out of it. So I went and bought a new one. Apparently, that happens when they get old. You could probably get it fixed, if you didn't want to get a new one.

 I never knew that. I'm gonna buy a new one now lol
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I've only ever loved one thing from my slow cooker and thats a self saucing chocolate pudding! Everything else is rather meh, weather i make it from scratch or with a packet. I want to love mine too but it's just not happening in this house.

I find the food is less tasty, unless you add lots of seasoning, and thats probably why slow cooker meal mixes are so strong tasting.
I think its because singeing (lightly burning), meat releases the flavour. I used to roll meat in seasoned flour, singe it before putting it in the slow cooker, and also making a gravy of whats in the pan and tipping that in too.
Bit messy, and sort of defeats the ease objective of the slow cooker.
Otherwise use the McCormick slow cooker mixes, so its just throw it all in, stir to mix it, and set the timer.

Get someone else to taste it to see if that is a normal taste.