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Xmas dinner in a caravan

Im taking my kids on a surprise beach holiday, in a caravan on xmas day. Its our regular place to go, and they know we are booked in for the holidays, but they dont know i am taking them for a impromptu couple of days on xmas and boxing day. We will be doing presents and all that in the morning, then the last present will be ‘tickets’ to ‘a beach holiday’, with all their stuff packed and ready to go... They will go crazy with joy and excitement (😬😁😄😁❤️) ... This present is part of my ‘buy less stuff, do more things plan’.... So my question is, what do i do for xmas dinner? .... we will be arriving at about 1pm, after a big breaky, they will probably jump straight in the pool then a bit of beach time then playground, scooters etc.... I am a single parent.... Ideas for food, even breakfast on boxing day and lunch please?? .... obviously want to keep it simple, but also delicious and special!
Thanks in advance!


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I would keep it simple (because the kids will be flat out so it will make it easier to have everything cut up and prepared before you get there) with grazing platters and add things like kabana, twiggy sticks, ham, salami, cheese, dip/ biscuits, watermelon, grapes, mangoes, apricots, crackers, dried fruit, chicken kebabs, nuts, pork rind, popcorn, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, baby cucumbers, corn chips/ salsa or guacamole, pretzels.

You could even do a dessert platter for a treat with chocolates, lollies, cookies, cake, slices, christmas balls, cups of mousse, chocolate dipping sauce with strawberries etc.

For breakfast you could do pancakes/ waffles or buy a multi packet of individual serves of cereal.

OP Thank you so much for this! Really helpful :)
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 It’s a lot of good ideas: but a lot of snack ideas and buying all these things ends up costing a lot.
Also the dessert ideas are nice but not cheap

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 I just thought of something else, fairy bread...I made this for my kids in the school holidays and they absolutely loved it (haven't had it for years).
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If they’ve got bbq facilities I’d keep it simple - sausage sandwiches. Watermelon and Christmas sweets, maybe some treat soft drink.

I just want to say I love your plan.

 I do too! Sounds like you’re a great mum and your kids will love it!
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OP ❤️❤️❤️ awww thank you so much! You have made my day!
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Just do cold meat and salad before you go with a dip tray for snacks and something good and easy for dessert. Whatever you do just make sure it's as 'done' and disposable as possible before you go. Any prep that needs doing will mean taking more stuff with you and then taking it on your holiday with you.

Cold meat , chook, salad, crunchy cold salad and veggie dip snacks, some treats, chook and coleslaw and soft white bread rolls yum haha or if you are trying for traditional pick uo a chook etc at woolies or red roster

Cold picnic for Christmas dinner (salad, pasta or potato salad, and bbq chicken), muffins and fruit for breakfast on boxing day, pita pockets with cold cuts, cut up veggies and crisps for lunch. Maybe do a little weenie roast and s'mores one night?