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Things to buy husband for Chrissy

Last year I saved up and bought him a pool table. This year I haven't had extra income to buy frivolous things for him lol. What kind of nice things do you get your partner? He likes fishjng camping outdoorsy stuff


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A hammock with a stand and some beers or his favourite drink

Things that I have bought my husband in the past include: fishing shirt, tackle box, camping chair, esky filled with his favourite drinks and snacks, assortment of beers, good bottle of rum/ whiskey, portable bbq, portable bluetooth speaker, aftershave, wallet filled with vouchers, fishing rod, dart board, golf bag, shoes, poker set, whiskey glasses, shoes (he has a big collection of Adidas shoes🤣), fishing hat idea what I am going to get him this year though!!

 What does he buy you ?
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 He buys me all sorts of different things: perfume, jewellery, dresses, shoes, suitcase, flights/ accommodation and tickets to a musical, tickets to concerts/ comedians, cheese platters (I love platters and have heaps!!), PJ's, plants, outdoor table setting, camp chair, fishing rod, handbags, vouchers (for clothes, getting my hair done, nails, massages, movies), built me a giant shoe rack, dressing gown, watch, fitbit, jewellery box, candles, smoothie maker, chocolate, photo book of the kids...I am sure that I have missed heaps, but there have been a lot of gifts exchanged in 17 years (never a threesome though)!
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Depending on how much you have to spend....

small compressor for the car
car fridge
new esky
camp kitchen
double stretcher bed
decent headlamp
Camp oven
new fishing shirt & some lures

All else fails, maybe try and plan a camping trip with him and a few mates (boys weekend?)
Or plan a trip for just the 2 of you, for a night or two (no kids) and go for a camp/fish

Also, go on redballoon and organize a deep sea fishing charter?

Don’t you share money ?

 We both earn money separately
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 That’s sad
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 That we both have jobs?
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What does he buy you ?

 Lots of things/experiences! He spoils me 😍
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Bet the pool table is used as a dumping ground for clean laundry that needs to be ironed