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Wtf is wrong with men?

Rant ahead:
Seriously over this bullshit. He bitches that I don’t “talk much” but when I do he goes fucking silent on me and I’m left waiting for replies. Now I’m really pissed off and he can go fuck himself. I’m not replying now because he hasn’t even been trying lately. I gave up my favourite fuckbuddy for this shit? Now he can wait and wonder what the fuck I’m doing that I can’t reply to him. Get a taste of his own fucking medicine 😡😡🤬


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I think you need to call your favourite fuckbuddy life is too short to put up with men like that.

You sound like children. Separate before you fall pregnant. Kids don’t need that shit.

I didn’t get much detail apart from f**k not talking f**k....
seriously it sounds childish. If you are with someone that ignores you for no reason or won’t open up about why, maybe leave the relationship?
Try communicating. Very effective

Sounds like you are texting not talking? You need to talk face to face. If not, leave and find someone you can be yourself with

go to relationship counselling and he can learn how to communicate

 Unless you are married with kids don't bother. Just find a better partner.
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