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Playing sport as an adult

Do any of you play a sport? What kind? I'm nearing my 6 weeks post baby confinement (haha sorry I can't think of a better way to describe it) and want to start getting back into shape. Before I fell pregnant I was into jogging and doing all my fitness by myself, but now I'd like to start a team sport. In the past I've played netball, but I'm not sure I'd like to go back to that. I'd also prefer not to have to spend a small fortune. Hit me with your ideas.


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I play floorball. It's like an indoor hockey game. Can range from social to competitive, so suits most people.

I play futsal and tennis. Both about $10 a game.
My back doesn’t hold up too well anymore with tennis as I play div 1, so iv been taking breaks. I’m trying to relearn how to play like the “old ladies” who could still win when I filled in for my parents team as a kid lol. Less power more tact. Less force more spin.
It’s hard getting old haha. It kinda sucks, need to learn before my kids get old enough to run me on the court, keep em in place lol I never could beat my dad and I was a top junior lol

Have a look at your community page on facebook or in the local newspapers. There are alot of team sports around aside from the usual. My town offers underwater hockey and footgolf.

I'm a runner (well try hard runner) and I find parkrun and running groups perfect. You can still be around people without having to exercise with them and at the end you all sit around chat have coffee, cake and sometimes hit the pub.