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Tell me your experience going away with in laws and your kids and partner


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Hell on earth! My husband doesn’t even get along with his parents for more than a couple of hours at a time but for some reason he always thinks it’s a great idea to have holidays together. 10 minutes after arrival he remembers all the things that go wrong but by then it’s too late. We don’t have a super strict routine but our kids are used to doing *some* things a particular way and the in-laws seem determined to make things difficult (we try to compromise but they are very much “my way or the highway”). They eat nothing but crap and are so unfit and unhealthy that they won’t walk anywhere for more than 5 minutes without complaining (sooooo much fun at theme parks etc).
Never again! This time I recorded my husband whinging (straight into the camera, not behind his back) about the trip so that if he ever suggests it again I can get HIM to talk himself out of it 😂

We do it every second year, a week in a holiday house somewhere. I don't particularly enjoy it as I find them a bit annoying, but my husband loves it and the kids like being spoiled so I suck it up. They aren't my kind of people but are usually pretty happy to either go along with our plans or make their own, and IMPORTANTLY they never butt in with our parenting or try and tell us how to raise our kids. So compared to some of the others here I think I've got it pretty good!

We have been overseas together and have had several trips to Queensland. We all get along so well together. The in-laws are not pushy at all. We respect each other. We hire an 8 seater car and rent homes rather than stay in hotels. We give them their own time and they’ll watch our kids so my husband and I can have some time on our own. I love holidaying with them. I would never holiday with my mother again after our first disastrous trip. She was a miserable cow who expected to be waited on and wouldn’t pay for anything. She made no effort to join in activities, she was just plain miserable. If you don’t get along together normally, don’t take a trip together.

I hate it
Hubby and I want to take kids out for meals and in laws pack a lunch and eat breakfast in the room with food they bought in home town cause they want to save $13

They aren’t poor don’t say they are pensioners
They still work and earn good money

 I don't have a strong opinion about this but maybe it's good that they are financially responsible and saving for an independent future hopefully?
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 I pack lunches on hols after we realised its about $60+ for everyone to have maccas or $5 on ham sandwiches and some cakes and soft drinks. More holiday spends
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 One of the things I love about holidays is buying food. Trying out the local cafes and restaurants is half the fun for us. Plus I'm on holidays and I don't want to be doing stuff I don't have to. We buy snack food and fruit but all meals are bought.
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 Yes it’s good to try new food
What’s the point going away if you eat same food you eat at home

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 I do a bit of both, especially when traveling nothing worse than servo food.
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 I like eating out on holidays too. I’m on holidays to take a break from the boring everyday things like work, house cleaning and cooking.
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 My goodness yes, I haven't had an actual holiday for seven years, I just get to do what I normally do in another location.
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 The point of holidays to me is doing and seeing new things, new places, fishing, camping, bush walking etc.
Spending money on food is all our activities budget gone.
I'd rather the activities. Otherwise what's the point of a holiday?

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I haven't, but if we did I'd be very clear about the things that we wanted to do, and that we'd be doing them whether they joined in or not. A bit of give and take is ok, but I wouldn't sacrifice my holiday for them.

I found it difficult. We had to share a car. Their idea of fun is 5 hour drives we had a two year old so that was awful. Best day of the trip was them going out ya staying at the hotel. Short and sweet is my Motto

I like my mother in law but she's in a weird place mentally.
We went to stay with them for a holiday at their request. MIL didn't even want to leave the house with us, would get really sulky, I'm not sure what over because she would complain we all went doing anything but wouldn't go out with us when we went. FIL and hubby's uncle would come, we had fun, but MIL was weird.
She even hired an 8 seated but wouldn't come out so it wasn't needed.
Its always difficult to enjoy yourself when other people are being miserable.

I have only been away with them once and we stayed at a holiday house overseas. We tried everyday to get them to come with us to see the local sites but they came along on 2 things and complained about everything. We tried to get them to come to a waterfall but because they have seen waterfalls before they didn't want to see it. Took them on a cave tour and all we heard was how another cave in Australia was 100 times better. They just compared everything to Australia. We missed out on a cliff walk thing because we drove all the way there and MIL wanted to go home straight away because it was cold. Lucky it was a nice drive 😂. Never again but they do speak about the trip positively now just not while we were there 😂.