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Is your life like some parts of movie and or tv shows ?

My best friend made me maid of honour and put me on back burner.

My mother in law is like Marie from everybody loves Raymond.

My sister is like jekyl and Hyde


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When I was a teen I lived in a cul de sac that was like neighbours. Not the characters, but the drama. Everyone knew everyone. Everyone was over invested in each other’s lives. There was always something going on. If you wrote a tv script based on our street, people would probably say it’s trying too hard to be like neighbours lol. But our street and the goings on were real.

Bad Moms and I'm not kidding.

 Which character?
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 Mila Kunis.
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My husband and I are exactly claire and Phil from modern family.

Cinderella but pretend she got married and had kids and still was treated like a slave lol. How I feel some days.

 Think most of us are in the same boat.
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