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Feel set up by sister in law

We are seeing my in-laws this Christmas’s - usually don’t do gifts as posting isn’t worth it. She asked me to send some ideas if what to get for my kids. So I sent 3-4 ideas for each child. Like a pop up book or a train or hatchimals or little things like that and said just ideas, don’t give everything. Then I asked her the same and she said ‘oh goodness no we don’t need anything and I’m trying to teach them that Christmas isn’t just about gifts, they are just as excited to get one family present and they aren’t being materialistic.
Kinda feel like she’s shes judging me for giving her suggestions?


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Buy them some flashy crap and tell her you didn’t want them missing out because of her new weird minimisation lifestyle that she is imposing on her kids 😂😂😂

 *minimalist not minimisation
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She asked, you responded. I wouldn't appreciate my sil doing that to me, as I wouldn't like my kids getting gifts & the other kids not. I'd tell her that too

My sister in law is a c**t too. But a sneaky little white ant c**t. So two faced.
All I want for Christmas is for her to f**k off.

 You sound a little angry. Do you need a hug??
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Buy her kids some of those chickens for a starving family from world vision- still a gift :)

Lol she's definitely taking a swipe at you

 I dunno, I reckon her kids are very materialistic and she is fed up.. I know I am of mine. She sounds like me at this time of year. . You could just respond with it is about giving too but that you get it xx
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Maybe she just doesn't want shit in her house anymore, but she still wanna get nieces and nephews stuff.

Maybe she would rather one decent family gift than a bunch of small token gifts per child . Sounds to me like she planned to spend more $ per child
Maybe suggest she buys a family gift like a board game to share

 Great idea! I might adopt this(not the op)
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 Op here. I totally understand that idea and we do it with friends but it’s discussed and organised. I just felt like she posed the question so I answered in one way and then she answered in a totally different direction, if that’s makes sense.
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 I think she did. But some ppl are just like that unfortunately
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