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Perfect pantry

Why are so many people jealous with my pantry ?
I was on today tonight and it’s hurtful getting jealous private messages from fake accounts


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Who cares?....
People should be jealous of my pantry too. Have you seen how much chocolate I can hide in it's chaotic depths? So much. And the kids never find it. Shit sometimes I can't find it. But then once every couple of months when I clean it out, BOOM chocolate again. Yaaaay.

 I'm jealous of your pantry.
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 😂 I hide mine in the frozen spinach box in the freezer
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 Hahaha! I loved this 😂😂
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 Back of the cleaning cupboard for me. No one EVER looks there!
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you actually think this is the lady? who would be on a national tv and plastered all over fb recenty but then write an anonymous post about the exact thing she is all over today tonight for lol I realise not everyone watches it, but it's been on facebook for yonks.

 Omg yes. Can't believe how easily people take the trolls bait on here sometimes 😣
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The last thing I would be of somebody who was on today tonight is jealous.

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People with messy Pantry's and houses are lazy that's why they are jealous to much effort to get up and organize their houses

 Actually it’s not, it’s because some of us cannot organise a space clearly and well although we would love to... it isn’t a natural ability (to be organised)
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 I have a messy house and it isn't because I'm lazy, it's to do with time. And also the fact that whenever I do manage to start something I always get distracted by another task so at the end of the day I end up with 5 half tidy areas but nothing actually properly tidy lol
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Frozen chocolate

 Frozen chocolate is the best. Can’t stand room temp chocolate.
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I haven't seen today tonight so don't know anything about your pantry or anything. But if I see a really organised pantry i get jealous, it doesn't even have to be a pantry, organised spaces make me happy so yeah sometimes I get jealous of others spaces but its more envy.

Welcome to the Internet. People find fault with everything in cyber space. Worry about something more substantial than nasty comments about your pantry.

No wonder some of you are fat

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Omg I didn’t see it but can you pls post a pic of your pantry ??!!?????????????
I would LOVE to see it !! Not joking... my “pantry” is about 20cm deep... 1m across and maybe 2 High not sure if it’s a good description but it’s embarrassing... fits jack all... tiny house.. what can one do.....
Pls show you’re amazing pantry 😍

 Google rainbow pantry. I saw that segment on Today Tonight and she spray paints glass jars and shit so everything looks like a pastel rainbow in her pantry. It was nice to look at but personally I'd never do it. What a muck about just for some visual aesthetics.
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 Oh that’s not organised.... that’s just bored 😯
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 Your not you’re
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