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Stress levels

I am curious as to if anyone has zero stress. I am always stressed and most is self inflicted. When I get to a point of less stress I take on more and end up with high stress again. I would like to know if there is people out there that are not stressed about things.

Please don't talk up your life. That's not what this post is for. I am curious about stress.

If you are stressed what is adding to your stress.


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I know I’ll get roasted for this but I believe there is a strong link between intelligence and stress. Obviously it is possible to be smart and relaxed, but I think that requires a high level of emotional intelligence as well as actively reducing stress.
Most of the people I know who say they don’t get stressed are also incredibly dumb and/or don’t ever worry about the consequences of their actions. Making a big mistake isn’t going to stress you out if it never occurs to you that your mistake might come back to bite you in the arse someday. Taking on too much won’t be stressful if you don’t care when you let other people down or do a half-arsed job.
In my experience, perfectionists (whether perfection is attainable or not) seem to have the hardest time dealing with stress.

 Perhaps being humble is something you might want to start practicing
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 ^ lol I’m actually quite humble already, thank you. At no point in my comment did I mention my own intelligence, education, career, or even my own stress levels for that matter. I simply pointed out my observations.
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 I understand what you’re saying and I agree.
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 ^ Thank you 🙂
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I had to learn to take a step back and not sweat the small stuff. My mantra is you can't control everything, so react accordingly. Good luck I hope you get some relief

OP Thanks. I over commit. I am a people pleaser. Right now I study full time (for my family's future income), I work full time (for my husband as I was part time and he asked me to increase) and I am forever trying to make everyone happy but fail most times.
It will be better in a few weeks when I am finished with this semester of uni. I know I need to step back.

Would you say you have decreased your stress level from your Outlook or have you actively cut things that cause you stress?

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 It helped that I have an amazing husband who isn't a stress head. I am studying full time as well but only work very casually. He took on long hours so I could solely focus on uni. He also helps out a lot with the kids and my family were a big source of stress so I drew a line in the sand and I don't cross it
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 Working and studying full time is too much for anyone. It is no wonder you are stressed. One of them at least has to be part time. Is there a reason that your husband asked you to work full time?
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Most of the time I'm quite chill but certain things will get me worked up. I think everyone has their own triggers because everyone's is different. Injustice is something that makes me angry not necessarily stressed.

OP if you study full time, work full time and take on primary responsibility for the running of the house/family fundamentally you have THREE full time jobs, no wonder you are stressed.
There needs to be balance in our lives. Make time for fun, to just be, choose and prioritise.
I highly doubt we will be lying on our death beds wishing we had been busier.

OP That's a great way to look at it. Time to pump the breaks. I certainly didn't want this to be a thread about poor me. I know I am very busy. My curiosity is around am I an oddball that seeks stress or are others in a similar boat.
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I have to make an effort to not sweat the small stuff just let it go and if it's some thing that i can't change or do anything thing about right away then not to think about it. I don't worry about what other people outside my immediate family are doing or thinking; Not my circus, not my monkeys. I do get stressed about things though, like my child who has an intellectual disability and always ends up making bad choices or the fact my husband isn't working and money but I do try and see the positives and not dwell on things

Can't change it. Anything that has happened in the past and you stress over tell yourself can't change it. Let it go.

I give myself headaches I stress so much! It sucks so much because I regularly step back and look at my life and rationally I know everything is well enough. Must be part of people's personalities.

I stress about everything, but with stress for me comes anxiety and my problem is I can’t seperate the two so I feel constantly wound up and as much as I know I don’t need to be anxious/stressed I find it almost impossible to wind it down so I’m going to start on antidepressants 👎🏼😞

Did you think motherhood was going to be fun and easy? Grow up

OP Thank you for your insightful comment. I will sleep much better tonight knowing that all I need to do is grow up. Bless you.
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 I commented on the link between intelligence and stress. I think this commenter is helping to bolster my argument.
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 Haha ^ yes!! Absolutely
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I'm a stress head, I get myself very worked up.. work, kids, school, pets, sick parent, dinner, showers crap kids need xxx done by morning... My hubby is my rock, he calms me down, sounds silly but some days I just need to hear him say it will all be OK then I start to calm.. I'm someone who plans everything out, normally middle of the night I figure out how to join the dots to make things work out.. I'm like chicken little and the sky is always falling on my head 😂 or at least I think it is, cause it hasn't yet !

 My comment above, I also get myself so worked up that I run myself into the ground, my dad says I burn the candle at both ends normally then light it in the middle.. Random illnesses like severe kidney infections, pneumonia just out of the blue cause I'm so exhausted ..
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