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Do you dread mornings?

We have a full and happy day. But every morning I feel a bit flat and quiet. Because it's the same thing each day (usual chores like laundry, we have lots of animals to care for so can't just take a day off and so on).
By 11 it's gone normally. It's like I want my husband to stay home and help make things different. I don't even know what I'm asking :)
I suppose to find out if I'm alone in feeling like this?
It's bloody annoying. I know our life is so so so damn good. We are blessed beyond measure.


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Yes. Every morning seems the same.
"Put your uniform on" "are your bags packed?" "Where's your other shoe?" "Turn off the TV and get dressed" "everyone dressed? Let's go! Wait, where are your pants? Why did you take them off? What the hell, now their on your head? Ok put them on properly"
My mornings are almost scripted like an opening song from a bad 80s sitcom, I just need the music behind what I say.

I know. Ground hog day. Try reframing your situation. Say " I'm stoked to feed the animals". I'm lucky to have a washing machine to do laundry. I'm blessed to be able to make breakfast for my family.

I know exactly how you feel I am like that most mornings

I hate even opening my eyes every morning - mainly because I am woken with "Muuuum!!! I'm bored of sleeping now." ffs. You might be bored of sleeping, but I wouldn't mind another 6 hours! Especially because you were the one keeping me and your father awake all night :-( Mornings are just sooo... blah. I am a zombie and I can't be happy and cheerful when I haven't had enough sleep going on 7 years. Mornings - same shit, new day.

I usually just chill in the morning. It's when abc kids go on. I watch the sunrise on the porch with th kids and wer chill for a good hour I have a cuppa or two

Thank you all so much. It is so strange to feel it then once get started I end up really happy. I was a massive morning person before kids so it's uncomfortable for me to feel this way. I love after nap time cos it's feed the animals go for a walk then dinner. It is fun. But that morning vibe...ugh!

I'm going to try being more grateful like mentioned above to turn things around. I don't drink coffee but I need to find a way to perk up !

 My husband started having an apple for breakfast when he had to give up coffee. He claims it gives him more energy than any coffee ever did
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Welcome to the "not a morning person club." I started getting up 30 mins before everyone so I could chug a coffee and wake up a bit before the mayhem begins. It helps because I'm ready to face the day by the time it comes screaming down the stairs about missing socks, lost homework, work presentation binders, and lord only knows what else...

No. I used to dread the evenings though. I don't know why, maybe because I'm tired and winding down and my kids seem to peak then. I still have some horrible evenings with them, especially when my husband is working away, but they aren't as hard as they used to be.

I know exactly how you feel I am like that most mornings

For me it's when I get home from work. I dread walking in. I become a total bitch. All I see is mess and more work for me. But after I'm home for a bit I settle down. The family help. Things get done. I don't need to dread it but I do.

 Yes I normally just want a cold drink when I get in and everyone comes up to me and tries to ask me questions /talk to me at once... OMG give me 5 minutes to get in the door!
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 We have the golden hour. I don't work, but when hubby comes in the kids used to swarm him. Now about 20 mind before he's due, we start an hour of quiet. They read, play a board game, do homework, or have screentime. I start dinner and hubby walks in and has a showER and decompression time. At dinner time, the hour ends and we all converge to taKk about our days
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