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Toy kitchen

Can anyone recommend a good wooden toy kitchen? I want to get my kids a good quality one that will last.
Iv had a look at the target and kmart ones but they look tiny! My kids are fairly tall for their ages so want something reasonable size so they don't have to be crouched down to play with it


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If you are crafty you can make your own. Search tv cabinet kids kitchen. Heaps of tv cabinets for real cheap on bss or gumtree.

OP  That's a good idea and Id love to, but I'm not that crafty and just don't have the time. And I'm exhausted with a baby that wakes up a hundred times overnight
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I like the IKEA one

OP Thanks, I'll have to have a look at that one. I'd forgotten about ikea
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I saw a $50 one from woolies yesterday. I didn’t have time to look throughly but it looked pretty good. Wooden, cute design.

OP Thanks, looks pretty small tho. Im after something a bit bigger that my kids can play with together
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We had a kidcraft one. Excellent quality made much bigger than the Kmart/big W ones. And it stayed in great condition for years and I only sold it in June for $200. I think it cost me $300. Well worth it. Other friends of mine had Kmart/whatever ones and they just fell apart. Had to toss them rather than resell.

Just googled them, we had the older version of the uptown model.

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OP Thanks, I'll have a look
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What about the places that make outdoor kids yard toys like slides, forts, climbing frames and cubby houses etc ?

OP Iv looked in toyworld and toys r us but haven't found what I'm after and don't know where else to look. Toys r us has a few online only ones but they still seem really small from the dimensions and id like to hear some actual reviews from people that have them and either like them or don't
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