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Has anyone been a sugar baby to a sugar daddy?

If you have, do you have regrets or any bad stories ? I would like to try it while I'm able to meaning single and young.


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I’m an ex sugar baby now escort. Being a sugar babe sucks, you have to message and chat for days and at any moment the guy an pull out and you’ll never hear from them again, most daddies are regular guys looking to have their ego boosted, the daddies that I did see expected unprotected sex for not much money at all. Save your breath and be a private escort, you’ll make way more money and it’s all in your terms.

I am in a way. My husband buys me anything I want. He earns a lot of money and I can choose whether or not I work. Living the dream.

 I'd rather buy my own stuff. More satisfying. But good for you
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 ^ women who say that are usually single or married tight arses 😂
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 I have a friend whose husband doesn’t give a toss what she buys, he earns well.
Money and good jobs can go in a flash, it’s a waste really, they seem to be well set up. I always think he is making up for his short comings, like not spending much time at home.
I know op of this comment will probably chime in saying her hubby is home all the time, rarely the case if they are earning really well but than I guess some people’s ideas of big bucks is different to others

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To get the good sugar daddies you are probably seeking being single isn’t your only need. Assuming you have kids being on this forum???

I was in my early 20s , was expected to maintain myself to the highest level. Work dinner at 8pm text at 6pm meant get my arse down to the salon for a blow dry (they always fit me in as I usually tipped them a g of coke & my hairdresser loved that) and they did it much quicker than I could. I had my own apartment, I got a designer in because Trying to auctually buy shit and get it home and match it up was time consuming. I didn’t need a car, the country I lived in it was impossible to park them anyway.
I loved when he buggered off os for work because I could lounge around in pjs and be comfy and not made up constantly. Or go out & get drunk with the girls, never did that when he was around.

Going away with him was fun but exhausting, was often expected to be ‘friendly’ with the other men he was doing business with.

Sometimes I would be asked to bring along a friend to dinner... to entertain a business partner usually, a few of my girlfriends loved that , I could take them shopping to dress the part... this is auctually how I met him lol I was a nanny at the time and a girl I had become friends with through work invited me to spend the afternoon at an outdoor cafe drinking cocktails... everyone got excited there as soon as a bit of sun came out. I went for a fun afternoon of free cocktails and didn’t really realise the opportunity in front of me straight away. I knew the deal she had going on with the bloke she was seeing, he had a wife and family so it was more low key. quite a few aupairs I knew played the part well. We would flirt which the men loved .

Made sure I never got too drunk when with him, champagne usually... bit of a bore at that age but for the money he threw my way all the time I had to be in control. I love nice restaurants and living in Europe there were always so many to chose from. I learnt to cook young and he loved home cooking as well.
It’s kinda annoying because the whole ordeal gave me expensive tastes and I am now a single mumma scraping by 😂 would chose my babies over a LV any day!
His business went really sour, like newsworthy.

My only regret was not saving during the couple of years! Could have set myself up.
Down side is my opinion was rarely considered, the sex was pretty good, I pretended i had never had anal before, lots of stuff like that... ego boosting.

 Thanks for sharing your story in detail. I don't have kids but I still love this forum. Hope you can learn to love less expensive but functional things to scrape a bit less x
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 Lol 😂 reading how much I wrote is making me giggle... would be nice to go back to that time for a week or so.

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My friend was/is. TBH it was quite vile. The stuff these men would ask her to do for money was disgusting. Not that they asked but that she did it for money. She was saying that there is levels you reach. Level 1, 1 meeting per week. Level 5, few meetings per week, can't see anyone else etc. She would have men messaging her offering her money for blow jobs, so more like a prostitute I guess. I remember one day at work (she worked a normal full time job) she came in late and was so excited to tell me she made the easiest money ever, all she had to do was suck a random off, let him cum in her mouth (swallow) and he handed her $50 cash. All I kept thinking was ONLY $50??!!!!!!. Yuck. But that was her. She just wanted money. Sorry for my rant just sharing the side I knew-well the side I heard about.

 $50 f**k that’s cheap and nasty
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That is great but are you also raising your and his children? In that case very different.