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I absolutely hate talent shows such as The Voice, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol

Who’s with me?


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Who is watching these shows, what is their demographic? I've never watched them..... who do I blame?

I can't feel that passionately about a tv show, I just don't watch that crap.
I save feeling hate for things that are worthy. Like paedophiles.

 You went to dark place ...
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More than the shows I hate the constant ads for them. Every week I have to hear “ the best Reno of the year”. “ the best voice we’ve ever had on the show”.

I used to watch them but they got tedious. But meh each to their own.

Ive never seen them.
I did however watch one season of that show think it was called supernova? There was an aus guy called Toby and icelandic guy called magni or something? Back in 2006 think it was 😂
I enjoyed it but that's Pretty much been my limit when it comes to these types of shows