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Do you believe in life after death?


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If it makes someone happy to believe, then no-one has the right to take that way

I don’t need to believe. I have already experienced and seen, felt and heard. There is 110% an afterlife. You are more than just your physical body and your spirit will remove itself from your body once your body is no longer living. The essence of you will remain. Where you spend it ... is up to you. Everyone has a choice. Whether or not someone chooses to believe it has no bearing on whether it is actually true or not. I can tell you this though - when you are being judged before your Creator - every thought, every action and the intention behind every thing you have ever done good or bad is reeled before you.

 This is true and my experience too.
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 I love this reponse Thankyou 😊
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Nope. I think once you are dead, that's it.

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Not at all.
But if that's your coping mechanism to deal with death and dying, it's understandable.

Yes I do. And I tell my children that I'll be waiting for them when it's their time to pass. It comforts them because theyve lived through tragedy already.

Yes, spirits visit me so I know there’s more after death.

 Wow. I wish I had your gift 💕
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