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Presents for 10 yo girl

I have to start Xmas shopping early as budget is tight and can be stressful time for us if we don’t have stuff stowed away.

She doesn’t play with toys at all. Already has a bike and an ipad.

She asked for a phone and make up NOT happening. What can I get her?


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Hair chalk
Slime making kit
Bath bomb making kit
Pens/ notebook
Handbag/ wallet
Hair straightener
Lip gloss
Netball or basketball hoop
Hula hoop
Desk with accessories
Board games
Movie voucher/ ticket

Get her an experience instead of more stuff.

- jet skiing ($20-$30 p/hr)
- indoor skydiving ($80)
- hot air ballooning ($150)
- helicopter flight ($60-$100)
- high tea at fancy restaurant with 3 friends ($100)

We have free waterparks with bbqs close by - if that is an option, give her invitations she can give out to a bbq pool party and take her choice of friends for a sausage sizzle and swim. You provide food, drinks, transport, sunscreen, water guns, etc.

 She’s on a budget
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 Bbq at a free waterpark would suit her then right? She didn’t give a $ limit. Just said she needed to budget for it.
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A self manicure kit.
Some nice lip gloss.
A vanity.
Is she into any sports? Things related to that.

 Too young
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OP Thanks I think sports items and manicure kit are great ideas I didn’t think of
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What about those kiddie makeup kits? It's pretty much just some lip gloss and nail stuff but in a pretty set up?

My daughter just had her 10th birthday. She got a wide variety of gifts (not all from us obviously) jewellery, slime kits, makeup, toilet bag with bath bombs etc, clothes, books, DIY dreamcatcher and soap making kits, diary and cute stationery