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Unsure about the new PPS rule

To make the long story short. I met someone online from Sweden and we have been talking for over a year now. To make things official, he was wanting to visit me in AU so we could finally meet each other and 2 kids.. Just dont know if that’s still possible as ofcourse he would be staying for 2 weeks in my house. How do i tell centrelink that we’re not in a relationship and just wanting to meet? I told him if that would be the case i dont want to risk it, we’d rather just stay this way until my kids are grown up and i could travel to see him instead.
What does the new rule really mean for single mums? Does it mean we cant be romantically involve with someone in general or even if they live overseas too?


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I don't know about the rule but I think it's way too risky having a man you've never met in person stay in your home with your kids anyway, I would encourage him to get a hotel.
I've met a lot of people off the internet for various reasons and rarely are they ever true to their online selves.

OP okay say, he stays at a hotel, but we wud still go out publicly. and im pretty sure there wud be people who will assume that we’re together. Do i need to gather all our chats as evidence and let centrelink know about it first before he comes over? Rather than people making false accusations and worst, reporting me to be in a relationship?
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 You would* be incredibly stupid to have a man you've never actually met stay in your home with your children. So don't do that. He can stay in a hotel or something. As for this rule you're on about, why the hell would* you need to tell centrelink anything?
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OP Isnt it the right thing to do? To let them know? Before you get questioned when someone you know sees you and dubs you in?
As i said, i dont know how this new rule affects the dating part for us single mums.

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 He's a visitor. Not moving in. Pretty simple to me...
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 Ffs telling Centrelink in this situation is ridiculous. Keep all the convos for future reference if needed. If he does move in is he prepared to help pay to raise your children or are your prepared to get a job/ more hours. Remember if you sponser him for a visa in the future make sure your living defacto dates with Centrelink and immigration.
Maybe it’s a visa he’s after?

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 I thought you have to inform them in 14 days if your situation changes. Now, whether you are in a relationship or just hooking up temporary with someone is where you can probably get around this? Very short relationship?
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 Bit of online fun, turns to a trip over to see if there is something in person or if it was just overthought out. If after his trip you guys are in love then tell them you met someone online and invited them to stay at yours when visiting Australia, one thing led to another and now what?
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 —- ofcourse i know how dangerous it wud be for my family to have someone stay at ours that i havent even met yet. He’s not actually looking at leaving his country, if things work out in the end. He wants us to move there with him, ive been wanting to have a fresh start, a new life somewhere else. But yeah, how would i know how genuine he is if we’re not gonna have the chance to see each other. I dont even know how he’s going to be around my kids. The talk is there but i really have been taking things slow, slowly but surely. I just got confused with the new requirement they ask d single parents. But i understand it abit now so thank you for your answers. ☺️
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Pretty sure that having someone stay as a visitor for 2 weeks does not make your status “in a relationship”, nor will going out on dates. They would be more likely to take the word of a Facebook update than someone seeing you at a restaurant with him, or having your friend visit you for 2 weeks. It’s not a relationship until you advise them it is. Is he paying the house bills? Is he co-parenting with you? Is he financially dependent on you? All these things may constitute a legal relationship, but not a “friend” visiting for a couple of weeks - regardless of the reason for it.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a website or a phone number you could utilise to find out this stuff....

OP Yes exactly.
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 You mean like... the centrelink ones.... I know it sounds radical. But I've heard if you call them, and ask them your questions, they answer them. But since it's Sunday, I've heard whispers of a centrelink website available. These are just rumours though. They may or may not be blind conspiracy theories, better check it out yourself 😂😂😂
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 Amazing isnt it.
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 The websites don’t give every situation. Auctually centrrlink tells you to come in for an interview, there are a truck load of questions and they decide what they consider your status to be
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What kind of friends would dob you into Centrelink the minute they see you on a date?
Also it's would not wud.

 ones who are sick of rorters while the rest of us work hard?
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 It really depends if the person is genuinely doing it for the right reason that they’ve been left behind with mouths to feed while the father lives a single life with no responsibilities and have no choice but to apply for payments. Please dont generalize it. I hope you dont get into that kind of situation because it’s easy to judge but it’s even harder when you’re going through it.
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There is no rule whatsoever about being romantically involved. But certain things may accept your payments. Thats a totally different issue. Of course, if you dont work, you could consider working.

well, you ask them what you need to declare, and declare it. Simple.

Are you prepared to ask him for financial information?

Do you live in a small town? I can understand being worried if you do. You can spend all day on hold to clink and ask, they may say don't worry about it or they might expect him to support you. This means he will have to give you all his financial information, do you think he will still visit? Then after two weeks he leaves then you have to wait a few months for them to start paying you properly again.
If you get dobbed in there is a record of him leaving so you can't get in trouble.

If your friends or family will dob you in for 2 weeks of a romantic fling they are ridiculous. However, I would also advise against someone staying around my kids that I've met off the internet. I'm even concerned about real people I meet in person being dodgy lol. Just no way!

Please love, dont be ridiculous.

 Your letting a man come all around the world stay in your house that you DONT KNOW.
Let him get a friggen hotel for gods sake it's not rocket science

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