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Cooking soup when your sick

I made chicken noodle soup and tastes horrible
Would you throw it out ?


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Do you really need help with this situation? Be a big girl.

 Some people here hate wasting food and add stuff to make it nice
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 So she should’ve added “ or does anyone have suggestions of what I could do to it to make it edible”.
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I made pea and ham and was oily and didn’t thicken and no taste
I threw it out

  Can you tell me how you made it? I would love to help you nail the next pot of soup! Trust me, I'm a soup obsessionist!!!
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 Can you give me your best pumpkin soup recipe? I love using roasted pumpkin.
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I think you should wait and taste it again tomorrow. Your taste buds might be shonky because you're sick PLUS food can get better overnight.
Mate, I have a million ideas, just give me a basic description and I'll give you heaps of ways to make it yumbo!!!

I would absolutely throw it out if it’s yuck. Uber eats?

 Not everyone is well off
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I don't cook when I'm sick

 Good for you
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I wouldn’t throw it out.

 You don’t have high standards
Bet you are a burnt chop

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