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Posh people things

What seemingly innocent thing screams "posh" to you? For example, if I walk into your home and you have an entry table with fresh flowers, you seem so posh and sophisticated. Or people who pronounce "cr" (like in Christopher) with a more pronounced ck sound. I can't explain it but it's like Ch-slight milisecond pause-ristopher. Yeah. Fancy.


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“ Don’t forget, the Charleston’s are coming over for dinner”. As opposed to “don’t forget Barry and his Mrs are coming for tea”.

Making me take our shoes off

 That can be cultural thing too
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 And a dirty thing I hate shoes in the house
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Starched collared shirts. Mmm yes you fancy bi****s!

 I'm a nudist so this doesn't apply to me
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 I'm sure you could find something to starch if you wanted to 😂
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 Do people really use starch? Honest question
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 Yes! My brother uses starch when he irons!
I wouldn't even know how starch is used (or an iron for that matter)! He thinks he's fancy!

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If I can see the floor at your house, I think your posh.

 That’s classic !
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 I am posh but all my money makes me like that
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 But what if my floor is visible because I’m so poor I have few possessions. Would that make me posh?
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 ^^ No my darling. You are an Aussie battler xx
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 Some of you are pigs
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 ^^oh no. However will we go on 😱
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Paper towels in the kitchen

 How does that scream posh? Lol. Everyone posh or not needs to wipe their benches.
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